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Sick of Work

You know how some people have amazing jobs and when they describe them, you wonder how they can even call it work? I do not have one of those jobs.

This week I went up to Porterville, CA to do an energy audit of the Porterville Developmental Center. For those of you unfamiliar with what a developmental center is, it’s a nice way of saying, “sorta prison for crazy people.” Remember when we used to call things what they were and didn’t sugar coat them?

They have a section that is fenced off with thirty foot high fences they call “forensics.” This houses the residents that have committed a crime but are unfit to stand trial, or as one of the employees said, “Or they just have really good lawyers.” In here you stand with your chest out, look tough, and try not to make eye contact with anyone.

So while trying to avoid getting hit in the back of the head with a hammer by the residents, it was terribly hot. The weather up there was above 110F and to make matters worse, my particular portion of the energy survey involved the steam system. Steam is hot. You’re with me so far?

My entire body is covered from head to toe just from being there. Then I had to step into mechanical rooms, which are probably 120F from the heat radiating off of equipment and avoid burning myself. Finally were the steam tunnels, where steam was leaking like crazy and the temperature read above 140F. They offered an ice jacket and an “elephant hose” to blow outside air right on you while you’re down there. I suppose 110F air is better than the 140F air down there, but either way it’s miserable.

Just to throw a monkey wrench on the whole thing, I came down with the flu on the second day. My nose wouldn’t stop running, and I kept having to make frequent stops to the bathroom. That was just uncomfortable, but it’s work. I wasn’t the only one doing the survey, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the one to hold the job back.

Now I’m lying in bed, feeling like crap. My clothes are still wet from sweat from yesterday, smelling terrible I’m sure. At least I can take satisfaction in knowing that my work is done. Actually, I’d prefer to go with having done and incomplete or mediocre job and feel like a million  bucks.

Call me Weezy

I remember one time my dad was sick with a cough and he wanted some medicine but didn’t have a doctor’s appointment until a couple more days. So I called up some high school friends to see if there was any Codeine at their houses. One of my friends said there was some and that I could go pick it up. The unusual thing is this was after college and my friend didn’t live at home. I knocked on the door to pick up cough syrup from my friend’s mom, who probably thought I was some drugged out, loser trying to score some syrup. Well, let me tell you something. I am not drugged out!

*If you don’t get the Weezy reference in the title, here you go*.


I grabbed a handful of peanuts out of our peanut container at work just before lunch time. It tasted terrible. I can recognize the taste as something I’ve encountered before, but I can’t put my finger on it. It tasted horribly bitter but metallic at the same time. Could it have been a bad peanut? I spit out most of it, but my stomach has been hurting ever since then. I don’t feel so good.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

As I posted that last entry, I had an inkling that the tickle in the back of my throat would turn into something a little more. I’m currently writing this from my bed, bundled up in piles of blankets. Woohoo! Three day weekend, right? I hate to say it, but it doesn’t work that way anymore. As a young adult, I’ve gained some sense of responsibility. It’s horrible, but I’d rather be at work now getting things done than sick at home.

Still, the day is young. Maybe I will go steal my friend’s dad’s Ferrari and play grand marshall of a parade.

Only in Dreams…

It must be the viruses attacking my brain or the copious amounts of codeine in my system, but I remembered another dream. Maybe this one doesn’t count, because I don’t remember anything happening in the dream. I just remembered that I had facial hair, and lots of it, but the beard was not a full beard. It looked ragged, more like the pubic hair beard from Jackass 2. Also, I distinctly remember my zipper being down and my left testicle hanging out. I really hope I get well soon.

Sickness Transition

Well, I’m no long draining snot out of my nose constantly. My sinuses seem to be dripping down the back of my throat now, which causes me to cough all day. It gets really bad at night when I’m trying to sleep. In the morning I get to hock up some pretty gross stuff. I’ll spare you all any pictures.

The good news is that I found my bottle of codeine cough syrup from the last time I was sick. Remember to keep your codeine when you get a prescription even if you get better. You never know when it will come in handy. The last time my dad was really sick, I had to call all my friends’ parents for codeine, like I was some junkie looking for a score. I do remember from other people in college that codeine mixed with alcohol is supposed to give a really awesome buzz. Anyone want to party with the sick kid?

The World, As Seen from My Bed

Remember back in the day when being sick at home was boring? All you could do is stare out the window. Now instead of staring at a window, you can stare into a computer screen and see the the entire world. Here is a quick view from my little window.

I ran across this website, which tests your typing skills. Based on countless visits to this site I type around seventy words per minute with an average of one or two mistakes. I’m not sure why some of the things it has you type are not words, but it’s a good way to kill some time. Some other goodies that I have found while sick are the USB Pole Dancer, Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police, and Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

Sick at Home

I went to work yesterday feeling a little stuffy. As the day progressed, I got worse and worse. I stayed home today to recover. With my trusty Nintendo DS by my side, I am able to pass the time without having to get out of bed. Everyone should get one of these bad boys. Just ask my mom.

She got one for Christmas from my brother and me. We got it for her, because she is recently retired and wanted her to have some puzzle games to keep her mind sharp. So far, she has stayed up late every night. She said she went to an unusually long funeral service, which was in Mandarin with no translator. Since she was sitting in the back, she whipped out the DS. My mom is a gamer. Awesome.