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Things I have eaten recently.

Yes, I love to take photos of food. I love the angry comments about how lunch is still hours away and my blog has made them hungry. Here we go again.

My $3.00 breakfast at Tokyo 7-7 the morning after my birthday.

Homemade corned beef hash at S & W Country Diner. Really good.

Chicken melt, also at S & W.

Michelle’s mushrooms stuffed with brie, via The Pioneer Woman.

Fresh shrimp platter made for a Fathers’ Day BBQ at Michelle’s parent’s place.

Something smells not so Fraiche in here.

That something is your spelling. Michelle and I went to Fraiche in Culver City last week. How that is pronounced “fresh” is beyond me. Fraiche was one of the places within two blocks of our place that we hadn’t checked out yet, because it looked expensive, beyond our normal casual dining standard. Taco trucks are right in our dollar to flavor ratio. We decided to try it out because we had a Groupon.

People watching while we sip on our beers.

Steak Frites. Cooked perfectly and not drowned out by the sauce. I want to taste the meat.

Monkfish “Francaise”, poor man’s lobster. Say what you want about the socioeconomic status of those who eat this dish, but I love it.

The dishes were well balanced without one flavor overpowering any other. I don’t think that I will be eating here regularly without some money saving coupon in the mix, because I don’t think I could take a hit in the wallet from this place regularly.

Lazy Ox Canteen. Not for poor people.

After we looked at the OK Go exhibit and watched then perform their set, Michelle and I headed to Lazy Ox Canteen for a bit to eat. The food is awesome, but food bloggers must have some kind of trust fund, because holy shit that place is expensive.

I prefer my suds to come in large pitchers, not tiny fancy glasses.

These lime chili corn kernels are delicious. Way better than beer nuts.

Charred octopus.

Brick-roasted mussels. The house made sriracha sauce is incredible.

Pig ears. Yum!

So now my stomach is a bit heavier and my wallet a bit lighter. It was worth the try, but my wallet hates me.

Gluttony, Sweet Gluttony

Michelle and I ate this weekend. Boy did we eat.