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Guilty Pleasure Food

Online, the circles I run around with are food lovers. Foie gras is a term I hearused more times in a month than most people will ever hear in their lifetime. Still, with all this good dining we experience, I wonder what is everyone’s guilty pleasure food, the food that makes you feel disgusted and ashamed of yourself after you’ve eaten it. If you’re anything like Michelle these items include Del Taco Chicken Soft Tacos, Egg McMuffins, and Carl’s Jr. Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. What is that fast food menu item you will go back to, and why is it always after drinking?

After a few craft beers and a Scotch tasting at The Daily Pint, Tim, Trevor, and I were hungry so we went outside where the South Philly Experience food truck was serving up cheesesteaks. Cheese Wiz is pretty gross, but their steak is pretty decent. I was expecting a sandwich like from the Great Steak and Potato Company that has a shop in the mall.

The point of this post wasn’t to point out cheesesteaks as my guilty pleasure food. They are merely the intro to the gluttonous story.

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Yes, I know they’re made from pink goo, but they’re awesome. Even after they switched over to all white meat, they still stayed squishy and delicious. This is one of the gross foods I like to eat.

What makes it even worse is that we ordered 50 pieces. Trevor told us the story about how he did this the night before after a late night of drinking, so we made him do it again. How can you resist? It’s only $10!

I now regret this decision. Trevor brought up the point that all food costs the same. You may just pay for it later, normally while sitting on a porcelain throne.

Small Gift? But I want a big gift!

It’s amazing that Sanrio has been around for fifty years and is as popular as it is in America, especially considering how so many of the ideas don’t translate cross-culturally. I mean, who the hell wants a small gift? In America we want big, awesome gifts that make loud noise and have flashing lights. Yet the most iconic character for Sanrio is a cat that has no voice or personality outside of the outfits that are designed for her. For whatever reason it’s so popular, Sanrio is fifty and we celebrated at the Small Gift event. We went during their “I Heart Nerds” party at one of the airplane hangars at Santa Monica Airport. People were dressed up as nerds in addition to the Sanrio characters.

Some of the giant balloons over looking the miniature golf course. When did a strawberry king and fish become characters in Sanrio?

What’s the name of the hamburger?

And the yellow dog with the nipple hat. Who is he? Should I be proud that I don’t know who these characters are now that I’m a grown man?

There was a great gallery of artwork based on the Sanrio characters. Even if you aren’t into Sanrio, it’s worth it to check out some of the art pieces.

This was our favorite piece there. It’s by an artist named Martin Hsu. A larger size can be viewed here.

This is a classic pose, but I always thought Hello Kitty was flipping the bird whenever I saw this.

There was even an exhibit that mashed up Sanrio and Fight Club.

Of course we had to get a picture with Hello Kitty herself. The headband and glasses I’m wearing were handed out at the door, yet our friend Jenny said to me, “Oh wow, you look so nerdy.” Uh, this is just me.

The costumes people were wearing were awesome.

Jenny and Michelle made sand art!

They even showed off some car wraps for Smart Cars. As if these cars could get any less masculine…

Ladies, look out for the Hello Kitty line of products at Sephora in 2011.

Whether you like it or not, Sanrio is here to stay. Here’s to another fifty years of cute, Japanese icons. Check out some more of my pictures here.

Hungry Pocket

Michelle and I were doing some shopping at 3rd Street Promenade, so we decided to stop into this little place across the street from Santa Monica College called Hungry Pocket. It had some decent reviews online. Why not?

This is what is written on the menu. I thought we had just picked joint college kids love because it’s easily accessible, serves big portions, but in reality is nothing special.

As we were trying to figure out what to order, an older gentleman said it was the best falafel he had ever had in the states. Apparently  he’s from Israel so he knows a thing or two about falafels. That’s always a good sign when you’re at a restaurant for the first time and questioning whether you picked a lemon.

Michelle was too afraid of the falafel, because it had no meat. She ordered the Gyro. I had a bite of this and it was tasty.

But she missed out on the signature menu item. Meat or not, the falafels are good.

But Michelle had hot sauce. She was content.

We also ordered a lamb sandwich. This was tasty, but as our first dish settled we realized we were going to only be able to pick at it.

I definitely recommend trying this place out if you happen to be wandering around Santa Monica and need a bite to eat. Also, in case you were wondering, the most falafels you could eat is probably two, three on a really good day.

Oh, no he didn’t!

Oh, yes I did. I am a married man now.

While my contract with Michelle won’t allow me to release all the details of the wedding yet, you can find plenty of the unofficial wedding photos online. There are no less than 2,000 photos floating around the Internet from our wedding. I’ve never seen so many cameras at an event. I went blind at one point from all the flashes going off.

So what am I allowed to show you? I guess the rehearsal dinner is okay to post. We went to Back on the Beach for our rehearsal dinner since it was close by our wedding venue.

It’s a salad. Refreshing but still a salad.

My out of focus Steak Frites.

South of the border.

I didn’t actually taste the tacos, so I had nothing to say about them. The steak was okay but not worth a trip to the restaurant just to try it. This pasta was great. The sauce was creamy and spicy and each bite was as satisfying as the previous.

Of course it wasn’t all about the food. It was a time to recognize the people close to us. Here are the groomsmen and me with their gifts. Welcome to The Dark Side.

It’s m@ & michellewoo.com!

Michelle and I took our engagement photos with Harrison who is one of my groomsmen and a super talented photographer. Check him out for Los Angeles wedding photography. I’d post more but Michelle already beat me to the punch. Taking photos is super tiring, but Harrison made it a lot of fun and all about us. Still I’m making this marriage last, because I don’t want to take photos again.

Make sure to check out Michelle’s blog to see more pictures of us faking romance. Yes, I said faking. Everyone that knows us would have walked right past us if they were looking for us and saw a couple in some of these poses.