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So Much This Weekend

A lot happened this weekend. A LOT! I’ll have to break it down into a couple smaller posts as not to overwhelm the Internet with drunken, tasty activity.

Friday night Michelle got free access to the preview of Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. Every Saturday night in July and August they will be showing films outdoors in different parks in LA. They’re playing some great films, but the draw for us as well as other people I’m sure is the food trucks. Different food trucks are going to make appearances at the shows.

India Jones was there, and of course Michelle had to ask them to add some heat to our Butter Chicken Curry.

Buttery and spicy. An artery-clogging, butthole-burning meal. It’s so good.

Fishlips Sushi. This goes against everything I know about sushi. Don’t order it out of the trunk of some guys car, but I guess this is okay since it’s a truck? It was fresh, and Temari style is a great way to serve it. It looks great.

Of course the Grilled Cheese Truck was there. Gruyere is an awesome cheese. It’s like swiss, except they don’t cheat you out of cheese because there are no holes in this one.

Grilled cheese isn’t the same without tomato soup. However, I will tell everyone to pass on the tomato soup (if you can even call it that) from the truck. Have you ever eaten diet frozen dinners with marinara sauce? That is what this tastes like. There is no depth to this watery tomato-flavored bowl of wetness.

People gathered on the lawn. We couldn’t stick around, because we had places to be but it was a nice, quick stop for us since we didn’t know what we wanted for dinner.

This is where we were heading. Crazy 4 Cult. Unfortunately the line was ridiculously long and people were getting more upset than usual for people taking cuts because there were limited prints for sale. I’ll have to check out this week perhaps.

We decided we still needed our fill of culture, so we went to Thinkspace Art Gallery to check out an artist Michelle likes.

Dan-ah Kim does some incredible mixed media pieces. If I had some more money I’d consider buying this piece.

These next sets of pictures are actually from another artist that is exhibiting in the same gallery. I like his stuff. This is part of Yosuke Ueno’s “Negative Never Again” collection.

I love the colors she uses just in the background on her paintings. They make the canvas look like they’re glowing.

This one reminds me of my past.

Guess who was at Thinkspace? No, we didn’t. We’re on wedding diets. Three food trucks is enough for one night, especially since it was only Friday night and more weekend had to be survived.

Shit. I’m a Food Blogger.

Damn you, sinosoul!

I know how it happened. I saw it coming, but I still didn’t stop it. Writing about my meals was my lazy out, because every day it’s guaranteed that I eat. It’s a readily available source of material. I sleep every day too but not many people would stick around to read this blog if it were pictures of me sleeping taken from my tripod setup on a timer. Or would they? Nope.

So why the desire to avoid being called a food blogger? It just seems so elitist. I’ve heard it put best with the saying, “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one and no one thinks their’s stinks.” When it comes to tastes in food, everyone’s entitled to his opinions, but every time you give a thumbs up or down to a meal, you’re going to have someone that disagrees. I applaud those food bloggers out there willing to put an opinion down and stick with it, but who am I to say that that you cannot find as much enjoyment in fast food as I do in a “gourmet meal” at a 5-star restaurant? I don’t need more conflict in my life! I’m getting married. I already have plenty already¬†.

So now that that’s said, there’s nothing left to do but talk about food.

During my battle with the flu Michelle picked up Chego for us. I’ve written about Chego before being too flavorful, and if you look at this dish it was really no different. You can see how much oil is in this dish. Having my taste buds numbed by illness made this meal quite enjoyable.

Thursday I took a walk to Choppe Choppe (a nod to another food blogger I know) down the street to grab a sandwich and some soup for my weary body. I can’t tell you what it is is that I love about the combination of wild mushrooms and brie. Perhaps if I do more food blogging I will be able to tell you but all I can tell you is that I love it.

The sandwich was BBQ pulled pork sandwich. The bread was too tough for my tastes. Meat was cooked nicely and the BBQ sauce was delicious, both spicy and sweet, but the slaw topping seemed to do more to mask the other flavors than anything else.

Judgements will not be cast when it comes to food. I’ll save them for musical tastes. Don’t get me started there. Your favorite band sucks.

Pastrami Sammich

This is a pastrami sandwich. That is all.

Life Snapshots

Here are a couple shots from my life as of late.


Michelle’s first trip to Philippe’s. Double dip!


Honeycomb’s big!¬† Yeah yeah yeah! It’s not small! No no no! There was a whole lot more of this in our roof. This was the portion not filled with sticky honey. Hopefully they got rid of all of it so the bees don’t come back.

Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?

Although we don’t have a cookie jar in our office, and I would never accuse anyone in our office from deliberately stealing someone else’s lunch, sometimes a mixup happens. Getting the meals mixed up is inevitable, especially half the people in the office love Chicken Carbonara and Spinach and Mushroom Pizzas by Lean Cuisine. You can always write your name on your boxes of frozen foods, but what about sandwiches in Ziploc bags? Lifehacker has noted a way to keep people away from your delicious sandwich with the moist maker in the middle. Just make your sandwich look moldy. Still, I know a few people that might have a go at that. “What? I was just going to eat around the green spots!”