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Flour Bakery

USC has Chano’s. UCLA has that $2 sandwich shop spot that keeps changing. The college kids in Cambridge have Flour Bakery. The Ivy League school kids win again.

The place is the creation of Joanne Chang, an honors graduate of Harvard College with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics. Damn over achievers.

roast chicken, avocado & jicama

smoked turkey, vermont cheddar & cranberry chutney

Bruxie Waffle Sandwiches

I got the opportunity to head down to Downtown Orange to meet up with some friends for some food and beers at Haven Gastropub and Bruery Provisions, but before all that good stuff a couple of us started with to compound the goodness at Bruxie.

Prosciutto and gruyere.

Bacon, egg, and cheddar.

Om nom nom nom. Do people say that still?

1321 Taproom Bistro: A Beer Place

I went to a surprise birthday party at 1321 Taproom Bistro. I’ve been to this spot once before. The beer selection was excellent like last time. I had the Allagash Curieux, a Belgian Tripel aged in Bourbon barrels.

I got to try some different things from the menu this time, sampling from my friends’ plates. The fish and chips were decent. Their mac and cheese was missing something. The taste stops short, having a great cheese flavor, but little else. My dish was the smoked pork banh mi. The smoked pork was excellent, but it did not go with the rest of the sandwich. I would definitely not order this again, nor recommend it to anyone.

Overall my impression of this place is that the beer selections are excellent, but the food I’ve had thus far seem incomplete. Given the option, I’d check out a new place rather than eat here. It’s not quite to my tastes to become a regular eating stop. If it’s just a chance to grab some beers, I would definitely come back here.

First Meal in Argentina: French Food

Expect a lot more posts to follow on the topic of food in Argentina.

Argentina is a country that is well known for some foods traditionally. Steak of course is one of those things. Empanadas are another staple food for this country. There is a heavy Italian influence on their food with pastas being very popular. Ham, cheese, olives, and tomatoes are seen a lot in a lot of their dishes from their Spanish influence. What you won’t find in traditional Argentina cuisine is a lot of spices or sauce covering their foods. They let the food speak for itself.

While the majority of restaurants stick to these staple foods, there are different restaurants challenging the status quo and going with different ethnic foods and even combining them together. Oui Oui is one such restaurant. It’s a little French cafe in the Palermo area of Buenos Aires.

Fresh pastries are laid out for people to purchase. There is a sign indicating that at the end of the day any pastries left over are heavily discounted, indicating that pastries are made fresh every day.

They have fresh lemonade with some spices they add. It’s very refreshing.

Michelle had the salmon sandwich. The salmon was very fresh.

Her sandwich came with a side of potatoes. In Argentina they use potatoes as their primary source of starch other than bread, but they really don’t do much with it. Sprinkled with some herbs and then fried or boiled is pretty much the most that’s done to them.

I ordered the ham and cheese sandwich, which came along with a side salad.

This was an incredible sandwich. I didn’t know it at the time since this was our first meal in Argentina, but the ham is spectacular in this country. Coupled with a creamy cheese and a soft, fresh backed bread it went down super easy.

I had no idea what else I was in store for at the time, but I was very happy with my first meal in Argentina. Definitely check this spot out if you’re in Buenos Aires for some time.

Just a sandwich and soup I had for lunch.

I was out looking for commercial property in Buena Park, so I stopped into The Sandwich Bar for a quick bite to eat.

Korean BBQ  Sandwich with Clam Chowder.

The closeup of the tastiness. It was nice to see the trimmings were so fresh. No limp, wilted vegetables in this sandwich.

Recent Bites

Pizza from Laventina’s Big Cheese Pizza. It’s delicious, but not quite the same when not eaten drunk and sitting on the curb with dozens of other intoxicated young adults.

Delicious sandwich from Tummy Stuffers by my office.

Ddukbokki from Western Doma Noodle.

Chicken Soup.

Onion Pancake.

Crab and pork dumplings from Mama’s Lu.

Pork and cabbage dumplings.

Spicy dumplings.

Now go get yourself some lunch, people!


I miss eating at Trump National Golf Club. It’s a one minute drive from my parents’ old home. I always disliked the actual restaurant at Trump but the clubhouse food is always delicious and not too expensive, especially for a place that won’t even let you hit the driving range in jeans. This past weekend they were working on their house to get it ready for renting, so I suggested we eat at the clubhouse. You can’t beat the view of the ocean while you eat.

Clam chowder.

My mom’s Chinese Chicken Salad. The conclusion was that American joints still don’t know how to deal with dishes that have vegetables.

Michelle’s burger and fries. I split this with her. Good burger.

I had the pork sandwich. This was really good, juicy and flavorful. Definitely worth another order.

Michelle and I have contemplated moving to this house, but then we’d have to eat at Trump all the time and that scares us. Gone would be the variety of life as we settled into oceanside  monotony. Not yet.

Lunch for Dinner

Why would you name a place Lunch if it serves more than that? It’s so limiting. Fortunately, I’m not into labels and can look past something like this. It’s a good thing I did too because the food here is tasty.

The sangria here is very light and refreshing. Normally I only think this about white wine sangria.

Calamari. The more tentacles, the better.

Steak sandwich. I had a few bites of this one, and I was not digging the Gorgonzola cheese in it. It’s not really a taste I like, but other than that it’s an awesome sandwich. Steak is cooked perfectly, complimented well by the caramelized onions.

Cuban Sandwich.

Pork loin, ham, swiss, pickles, dilljionnaise, all on a french roll.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between Lunch gets my nod of approval for a meal. Hot sandwiches always have a special place for me. They’re a casual snack, turned into a real meal and Lunch does this well.

Home Cooking…Not Mine

My friend made this sandwich. Tri-tip, garlic mayo, salsa, pico de gallo. Word.

Jackson Market

Michelle and I were told about this particular food place a long time ago by Liz. We never bothered to look for it until just recently.

If you drive through our neighborhood you’ll see apartment buildings and homes lining the streets. A couple blocks down the road you’ll see Jackson Market.

They sell things any grocery store would carry, like cereal and bread but also a great assortment of sodas, teas, sports drinks, and juices.

You’re going to need those drinks if you’re going order a fresh, deli sandwich.

The sandwiches are good, made with fresh ingredients.

While it’s a nice place to get a sandwich, the food isn’t what makes this place special.

They have the nicest patio in the back, where you can enjoy your meal in the shade.

There’s even a little pond with goldfish in it.

Who would’ve thought such a place existed, tucked into a quiet neighborhood with homes on each side?

If you’re ever in the mood for a sandwich and a leisurely lunch on a warm day, give us a call. In fact don’t let Michelle find out you went here without calling her. This is our spot now.