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San Pedro is for breakfast

Whenever you look up restaurants in San Pedro, you’ll find one type of restaurant more than any other. Breakfast spots. For whatever reason, San Pedro is littered with them, along Gaffey, Pacific, and everywhere in between.

Michelle and I decided to check out Pacific Diner for the first time.

Diner truly is an appropriate description. When you enter the front there are a couple booths and a counter, but they have a nice outdoor patio too, where you can enjoy your food in the warm California weather.

I love their biscuits and gravy. I’d be a fat(ter) kid so fast if I had these available every day.

This is the machaca omelet. They brought out two types of fresh salsa to go with the omelet. The texture combination of the fried potatoes and the egg and meat is pretty darn good. The portions are big too, so you should have something to take home for a delicious snack.

They have a huge selection of omelets on their menu in addition to a long list of specials that changes on their white board. It’s definitely a place to check out. Perhaps we can go together sometime after you’ve spent the night on my couch from drinking too much.

Omelette & Waffle Shop

Michelle said she wanted breakfast one morning, so we looked through a few local options and settled on Omelette & Waffle Shop on Gaffey. This is a pretty popular breakfast diner that serves a wide assortment of waffles, pancakes, omelettes, and various other delicious breakfast concoctions.

Banana Nut Waffles. These are the American kinda, not the Belgian style pancakes that you’re used to seeing at all the fancy brunch places. It is a nice change, because it allows the nuts to be cooked into the batter, a nice texture contrast.

Sausage, potatoes, and eggs. Compliment the sweet with a little bit of salty.

King’s Hawaiian French Toast.

Omelette & Waffle Shop is pretty busy, but they serve at a pretty fast pace. Don’t be turned away by the line. It’ll move quickly. I definitely need to head back here at some point, because we saw some great looking omelettes and a giant, wet burrito that comes with chorizo. I can’t wait to try some other things here.

I got soul, but I’m not a soldier.

Gaffey Street is the busiest street in San Pedro for one reason. It leads to the freeway. I normally try to stay off of it and turn onto it so I don’t have to sit at the stoplights as everyone tries to get out of the South Bay. On one occasion I decided to cruise down Gaffey in search of lunch on my way out. I was glad I did, because I found Mama Joan’s Soul Food Restaurant.

Catfish, Collared Greens, Mac n’ Cheese, Cornbread Muffins.

Pork Chops, Buttered Corn, Collared Greens.

Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, String Beans.

Don’t worry. This wasn’t all eaten in one trip.

Soul food is what a person needs after being dumped by his girlfriend, something to fill the void. The void is large, and that’s why the portions are big. Every meals comes with sides and those cornbread muffins, but it’s not just about quantity. Eating at Mama Joan’s won’t make you think you’re eating a complex combination of flavor and texture that will blow your mind. The green beans are soggy, and I swear the corn was cooked in pure butter instead of water, but none of that matters. When you take a bite of soul food, the world seems the quiet around you, like nothing else matters in the moment. You’re at peace.

Plus, the fried chicken is pretty damn good.

Here are a couple tips for this place. Unless you tell them you are dining in, they are going to pack up your food to go, and if you order fried chicken, they make it fresh and it’s going to take twenty minutes so call ahead.

San Pedro Fish Market

I feel like making a hook with my pointer finger and saying, “Arrrrrrrr!” It’s something about the ocean.

When you drive down to the Ports O’Call in San Pedro, you start to smell the fresh ocean air. As you walk into the fish market, you’re greeted by the lobster claw machine. Be honest. Everyone has tried to win a lobster while drinking at a bar before, right? Just me?

What most people eat is from the made-to-order section of the market. There is a huge display case showing off many different varieties of seafood. You can add on corn, potatoes, vegetables, and garlic bread. They really need to add the option of sausage. It would be a less expensive protein source in the meal that would work well with the way they serve it up.

You can also select whole fish including grouper, salmon, tuna, and flounder. They fried up these fish, and I have to say they looked really good.

The view was pretty nice. You get to watch the harbor, smell the clean air, and watch the seagulls fight over scraps left by other eaters.

Of course you can’t enjoy a nice meal by the water without a pitcher of beer. The hot sauce is optional, but that’s how we roll.

Shrimp, vegetables, potatoes, and somewhere buried in there are scallops.

It definitely wasn’t a small meal. They must have a tendency to overcook everything here, because the shrimp were soggy, and the scallops got absolutely pulverized, leaving us to hunt for them.

There is another place in the market that was open at the time that was serving food. Pretty much everything was fried. We decided to try out the fried calamari. It was terrible. It was soggy and oily.

Currently I am on the fence about whether I would like to return here. If I were to come back to the San Pedro Fish Market, I would definitely get a whole fried fish and also steer clear of the calamari. Maybe I’d try to win a lobster and eat that as well.

More San Pedro Eats

Pavich’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. Half Meat Lovers. Half Croatian. I remember not liking the Croatian before, but I guess my taste buds have evolved. They make a fantastic pie.

Nachos with chicken at San Pedro Brewing Company. I’d pass on these next time and go with the calamari again.

Ortega Burger at San Pedro Brewing Company. So far I’ve had a perfectly cooked burger every time, always enjoyable.

Wings at 710 Grille. They have a sign up that says they win for best wings every year. I’m not sure who else is in the contest, but these are some fantastic wings. These are the Spicy wings. Good  heat to them. There are three levels on top of this. Scorching! Extra Scorching! Ring of Fire! I have had Scorching, and I will stick with Spicy. I’m sure Ring of Fire is referring to the after effects.

Kangaroo Burger at 710 Grille. It’s probably just the meat from this particular animal, but it’s a little bit tough for a burger. Doesn’t quite have the fat content you want in a patty.

San Pedro, you’re all right.

San Pedro: It’s not just for leaving LA on a boat.

On one of Michelle’s nights out with friends, I decided to check out San Pedro Brew Co. I like beer and their website said they had a happy hour. What’s not to like about that?

I ponied up to the bar, and noticed the crowd was a lot of regulars. I was definitely the odd man out. Still, I was very happy to see their happy hour menu. The prices looked promising. Not to shy away from a new experience, I ordered the slider and fries, half order  of calamari, and half order of wings.

The slider and fries is one slider and fries, just as I expected. Although it looks like a mess of a slider, it’s quite good. I was expecting some steamed meat. The mini patty has a nice char to it, giving it some great flavor.

The wings are decent, nothing special. I’ve definitely had better wings but it’s a nice little snack.

The half order of calamari was surprising to me. A lot of bars have this dish and you end up with soggy breading or overly chewy squid. The dish I received had a light, crisp batter and some great squid underneath.

On top of the delicious snacks, they have a full menu and some delicious beers brewed right in house. I wasn’t a fan of some of them, but the red and brown ales are fantastic.

Somewhere along the way, someone must have forgotten a couple beers or one of my dishes. I can’t say that I was in tip top form when I left here, but my bill was only twenty two bucks. Whether or not I get the accidental discount or not next time, San Pedro Brewing Co. is a spot I’d be more than happy to check out again.

It’s encouraging to see awesome places in San Pedro, since I always thought of it as the city I drive through to get to the freeway. I’m sure other think of it as the city where the cruise ships dock. I can’t wait to get out there and experience the city some more. Vote for Pedro!