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We ate all this, fed 10 people, had leftovers, and the bill was less than $70 including tip.

I’ve been holding on to these photos for quite some time now. I went to eat at Southern Mini Town¬†on the north side of San Gabriel back in January. Enjoy.


Asians are pretty clever people. Naming a restaurant Tasty is a sure fire way to bring in customers. It’s like the Korean SAT prep course near my work called SmArT. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat something tasty? Now you know where to get it. Their known for their desserts, but every dish that came out of the kitchen looked pretty good.

Mango pudding. Everyone else see the indentation from the plastic container this was sitting in?

Am I the only one who hates this stuff? The few times I actually want dessert, I don’t want fruit, and I especially don’t want sweet beans. Someone needs to say it. Asian people have it all wrong when it comes to dessert.

Since I don’t partake in the Asian desserts, I went with second dinner. Beef Noodle Soup with hand pulled noodles.

This is a place I definitely want to go back to, not to check out desserts, but to check out some more of the regular food. The noodle dishes rolling out of the kitchen looked delicious.