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Greatest Rock Band Ever

Remember when I was saying I needed to get a new hobby? Guitar and drums were part of the possibilities. Well I found a way to do both.


I caved in and bought The Beatles Rock Band. I didn’t play with the drums last night, but I rocked out on McCartney’s bass while Michelle sang. I think the game did a great job staying true to The Beatles spirit.

I need to get a mic stand so I can sing and play at the same time.

Smoked Ribs, Attempt Two

My brother came down for the weekend with Joy. Shehad a baby shower to go to, so while she was playing “smell the diaper” games, Mike and I were fighting it out for our father’s love. That’s right. It was a Wii battle. I took golf and bowling with ease. Baseball and tennis were his arenas. In the end, it came down to mental ability in the puzzle games. Needless to say, I got blown out of the water. I have shamed the family and will be moving out this weekend. I am sore from playing Wii sports. Real sports must be even tougher.

Saturday night we went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. Michelle and I wanted to go to Musha, but they were all booked. Instead we went to the original plan, Izakaya Yuzen Kan. This place is actually quite similar to Musha as far as serving tapas style dishes that are Japanese fusion. The food was good, and I’d go back there again. Musha still gets my vote for the hip factor and cheese risotto.

Sunday was my second try at smoking ribs. I turned it into a full on BBQ, complete with Rock Band. For the first couple hours, I couldn’t get anyone to go outside. They were watching the new home theater setup and playing Rock Band.

This is epic. Two guitars. We truly are a rock band now.

These ribs were much juicier than the last ones. The next batch I will work on getting the outside crispy and getting more of the rub flavor to stick to the ribs.

I finally got everyone outside to snack on the ribs. You can see in the reflection that the sun is shining and the skies are blue.

This is the life…