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Argentina: Not just for steak.

When people find out that we’ve returned from Argentina, they immediately ask us about the steak. The steak is incredible, but I feel like Buenos Aires is starting to offer so much more. Eat steak, but here are some other things you definitely want to check out.

Azema is a restaurant, named after the head chef and owner. This place is a fusion restaurant, combining foods from his travels to Vietnam and Morocco. Michelle’s favorite part in all this is that you can tell them how spicy you want it, and it actually ends up with a good bit of heat.

Fried dumplings. They’re like Asian empanadas.

Shrimp curry. They tend to overcook their shrimp in Argentina. The shrimp were a bit softer than I’d like, but it was great to taste some different flavors.

Michelle went with a Moroccan style lamb curry, and based off the sniffles she got the spicy she had been missing.

Los Inmortales, a pizza joint that’s very popular. If you ask for it by name people know.

Pizza is a pretty big deal in Argentina. It works out well for them, because cheese, olives, tomatoes, ham, and pepperoni are regular items in their diet anyway.

Pepperoni and mushrooms. The crust on their pies is well balance. It’s light but not too doughy.

You can’t see it, but under the layer of cheese is ham, covering every square inch of the crust. The sweetness of the ham against the saltiness of the olive and cheese worked well.

We checked out Sudestada, an Asian fusion joint. I was impressed with how many people were using chopsticks.

Hopefully they recount the orders for hanging chads.

Dumplings for starters.

Chicken curry. Beautifully presented.

Pork chow fun. This dish is okay. It was nice to get some familiar Asian flavors that we were missing during our trip, but it’s nothing too special.

Michelle loves hot dogs, so even though we had just eaten a couple hours before, she had to try an Argentinian hot dog. They call them superpanchos.

They offer all kinds of toppings to garnish their hot dogs, but to Michelle’s dismay none of them were jalapenos.

Whether or not you’re a fan of beef, you should visit Buenos Aires for a food vacation. There are enough restaurants challenging the traditional standard of parrillas. They’re doing it well too, combining the leisure eating style with different types of foods. This gets a big thumbs up in my book.

Don’t be mad at us Noodle Club

Now that we’re done with premaritalĀ counseling, we will never have another fight ever again. Woohoo! More importantly we get our Thursdays back for Noodle Club! Michelle has already suggested our next meeting for Thai Boat Noodles, but she got so anxious and wanted to get some right away.

We’ve already had some awkwardness in the club with some members going to an official nominated location without the other members prior to our meeting, so I put my foot down. I insisted we had to get noodles at another place. So here is a similar place, Ord Noodle.

I forget what my soup was called. It was a little bit too sweet. Some chili oil would fix this dish up to my liking.

Thai Boat Noodles. This has a very Taiwanese taste to it. It’s good.

Crispy pork and rice.

Soup sans noodles.

This shrimp dish is good. It’s got a lot of heat.

We’re doing happy hour wrong.

Michelle and I now have the keys to our apartment. We also found out that one of Michelle’s high school friends lives right around the corner from us. (This is where I would have linked to your blog if you had one, so get one so we can blog our Culver City adventures together.) Her husband isĀ ecstatic, because now she has someone to watch chick flicks with, and he can watch sports and drink beer in his underwear with me.

To celebrate having neighbors that won’t judge us because we know their secrets too, we went to happy hour. Since it was already getting along in the evening we decided just to stop at Gyenari. Their happy hour runs until 7:30 PM.

Kimchee Fried Rice. Pretty tasty, but I don’t know how you would really mess up this dish.

The wings. These are a bit sweet for my tastes.

What isn’t shown are the Bulgogi Sliders, the Japanese Curry Crabcake Sliders, the Korean Taco Trio, and the beers and wine. Happy hour is supposed to be cheap, but it doesn’t quite work out when we eat every item on the menu. Maybe we should just eat or drink and not both. I might opt for the liquid diet. Is that bad? It’s the only way to save money and have a good time!