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Everyone got crabs but me.

This weekend we decided to get some seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier. There’s a popular crab house there, but I can’t eat crab.  I’m allergic. Pity me. Still there were plenty of other delicious things to eat.


You can see the carnage here from the meal. Michelle has an exceptionally large pile of shells in front of her. She doesn’t waste any time when it comes to eating.


This is a spicy fish soup. It’s delicious.


These little guys were still moving a bit when they arrived at our table. Undeterred by our squeamish tendencies, we took on this plate well. They are so sweet and delicious.

Afterward we decided to get some dessert and coffee at a nearby restaurant.


I think this one was the Green Tea Tiramisu.


Chocolate cake, which lived up to its name. It was like chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.


And just because…fuck yeah bokeh!