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Time to Cut Back on Diet Coke

Last night I opened up my trunk to get some stuff out after returning home. When I closed my trunk it sounded funny so I pulled on my trunk to make sure it was closed. I was able to just lift it open. I thought the mechanism was stuck so I pressed the trunk button a couple more times from my keys but with no luck. I figured I had nothing valuable in the trunk so I would deal with it later. This morning I decided to check the trunk again, but this time I decided to check the handle inside the car. I found a crushd, empty soda can wedged under the trunk lever.

My excuse to have a bunch of soda cans rolling around the floor of my car is justified. I don’t like to take them out of my car unless I know I am somewhere that has a recycle bin. I don’t always take them out of my car when I get home, because I have too much to carry and after a couple of times it adds up.

Still, maybe it’s time to clean out the car or at least make sure all the cans are on the passenger side of the car so I don’t get one stuck under the brakes.