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It’s Over. I’m a Loser.

Hundreds of thousands of people raced. I ended up in 25th place with my ranking going to 11th place at times. Still, I am a loser, not because I didn’t plast first. It was more the fact that I wasted a week of time playing this game that I knew I had no chance of winning. I even drafted my cousin, who is on summer break, to pick up on flying when I was at work and sleeping.

I’m Losing

My ranking keeps dropping every minute. I have no idea how to fly my balloon. As long as I am not last, I am satisfied. Surely there is someone out there that isn’t even playing and is stuck at the finish line.

Internet Balloon Race

If you look up above, you’ll see a very conspicuous banner. What is it for? It’s for the Internet’s first balloon race! You read the FAQ here. I honestly don’t know what it’s all about or how it works. I just thought it sounded like an interesting concept. It starts on June 23rd and ends June 30th. I have no idea how, but you guys can help out by giving my balloon a boost.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

You’re doing something wrong.


Religion and Language

I was picked up a burger from In-N-Out today for lunch. They still have bible verse references printed on their product wrappers and containers. I admire people that are willing to let their beliefs stand out in their business. We have a company that is Jewish owned, and they were completely closed yesterday for Rosh Hashanah and today as well. There was not a soul in sight. In our in industry almost no one closes the business completely on any day. If the standard workers are off, the maintenance crews come in to do their work. I admire that the owner gave everybody the day off. I just wish they told us, so our salesman didn’t show up, see a locked gate and think they went out of business. We were ready to send out our debt collector, baseball bat and all.

I can understand how a foreign language might be tough, but what baffles me is when people can’t pronounce sounds that exist in their native tongue or even flip sounds for letters. Take the Chinese for instance.

“You make a light turn and then you make a reft turn to get the flied lice prace.”

It’s not like the letter R and the letter L are impossible sounds to make. In fact, I think both sounds exist in the Chinese language. Why do they flip them in their speech? It’s not just the Chinese that do this. I’m sure you can all guess, which people speak like the next sentence.

“Joo got a yob? I got two yobs. I work at Yamba Yuice. I also make Yumbo Yacks. They are so yuicy. Joo want one?”