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Greatest Rock Band Ever

Remember when I was saying I needed to get a new hobby? Guitar and drums were part of the possibilities. Well I found a way to do both.


I caved in and bought The Beatles Rock Band. I didn’t play with the drums last night, but I rocked out on McCartney’s bass while Michelle sang. I think the game did a great job staying true to The Beatles spirit.

I need to get a mic stand so I can sing and play at the same time.

Like Being a Rock Star, But Without the STDs

Take that, you doubters! First I sang my way to a 99% score on Radiohead’s Creep. Then I played drums and sang to the same song without getting booed off the stage. Finally, Michelle and I accomplished what everyone told us would be impossible. We beat a song on medium level in Rock Band. Despite overwhelming odds against us (Michelle hurt her hand drumming), we triumphed in the rock star arena. I feel like I could play an actual instrument on stage in front of thousands of people, but then I remember this is just a video game. Believing that I am a true rock star is as much of a twisted dream as people that play World of Warcraft thinking they can be part of an army of mythical creatures, roaming virtual worlds.

Still, I have a new found love for Rock Band. Despite the awkwardness of not being like the real instruments, it’s a game that pumps you up so much that it’s really recommended that you don’t play within thirty minutes of your bed time. Showers are also recommended after intense rock sessions. With some practice my skills will increase, and I will say to all those people who doubt me, “Whatever, man. I’ll kick your ass…online.”