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#1 Dad

2009’s Father of the Year contest is over. Don’t even worry that we’re still less than half way through the year. The contest is over. This guy wins.

Stimulate the Economy and Other Things

It’s not just America that is in the economic dumpster. The whole world isn’t doing so hot in this global economy, but some industries are doing something about it. The oldest profession in the world isn’t going down without a fight, offering lower prices and frequent pervert incentives. One of these establishments is offering a 6-hour smorgasbord of food, drink, and sex for seventy Euros. That’s about $100! Do you know what kind of a deal that is for that kind of service?

I think the hookers in America have been over valuated. We must be in some kind of hooker speculation bubble that is about to burst.

Virginity for Sale. Self Respect Thrown in Free.

I ran across this story a while ago, but I decided to write about it finally. A student that wants to get her master’s degree but doesn’t have the finances to go after it, will raise money by selling herself off at a brothel. I’d like to call a spade a spade and call her a hooker, but she is a virgin. She’s not a hooker until she gets her first sale.

If I am going to pay for any kind of services, I want a professional. Why would I pay good money to have some amateur fumble around figuring things out? Her sister sounds like she has more work experience.

In addition to the lack of mastery of the craft, she is hoping to have bids hit one million dollars. Perhaps she should have taken some more business/marketing classes instead of sitting in college talking about feelings.