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Getting Things Done

There has been a lot of talk about GTD. It’s a thought process on how to manage tasks efficiently. There have been many different tweaks to this idea and lots of software written to put the practice on the computer. I’ve found yet another task management flowchart that might be useful to you guys.

Click for the full sized version.

What a Slacker!

Greg is 6’5″, a manly man from the Midwest, and the hardest working man I know. I will often wake up in the morning, and by 6:50 AM I will have half a dozen email messages from him about systems I need to size and quote to customers he has visited in the previous days. It’s also not uncommon for me to receive emails and scans as late as 10:00 PM that I know are coming from our office.

Greg isn’t afraid to go the extra mile for a customer. The reason Coca-Cola likes us so much is because Greg made a trip out there two years ago on the 4th of July to get some parts they needed for their plant shutdown. Greg has told me about how he was looking for more work one summer in addition to his regular job, so he drove half an hour every day so he could shovel manure. Greg has missed one day of work since he was sixteen. He can tell you the exact date. He seemed so disappointed when he told us about that day, and noted that he went to see a doctor to prove he wasn’t just being a wuss.

I respect Greg’s worth ethic. It makes me ashamed of myself. I think in the past 2.5 years that I have worked here, I have been on time for work less than a dozen times. Look at me at this very moment. I am writing on my website. I bet Greg doesn’t run a site. It would be one hell of a shock to find a website run by Greg about how he slacks off at work and hates his boss’ son.

My Plan to Succeed in Life

Most people work hard and excel above the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately I am not smart or talented enough to do this. Instead I will knock everyone down to my level. I give you, 101 Free Games! While you are busy playing these games, I will be doing a mediocre job, but your inattentive performance will pale in comparison to my lackluster performance.