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Home Brewing is a Learning Process

Today I learned what a blow off tube does and why you should have one. I opened my pantry, curious to see if my stout was still fermenting. Boy was it ever! My airlock was filled with a mixture of beer and vodka, and that same mixture was all over the lid of the primary fermenter. Fortunately it stayed on the lid, because it was a mess. Think of root beer float foam, but thicker and stickier. Fortunately I have random crap I take from our warehouse at work and a spare airlock. After some quick sanitizing, I made this.

The tubing is just small enough to squeeze into the airlock tube. Dump the other end into some sanitized water, and crisis averted.

I know video if beer fermenting is boring, this thing is bubbling like mad right now! That pretty much means it’s making booze!

Call me the Beer Baron

I’m not sure whether it is awesome or a little bit sad that I am not full unpacked, but there are two batches of beer fermenting in my bathtub. Don’t worry, they’re in buckets.

I know you were imagining a bathtub full of beer.

Here is a short video of the beer fermenting. It’s a notch more interesting than watching paint dry. You’re seeing CO2 produced as a byproduct of making alcohol. Each time a bubble leaves the air lock, it smells a little bit like the friend who has been drinking beer all day, talking a little bit too close to you.