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I was meant for something else, something bigger and lazier.

One of my favorite things to do is having a relaxing day of eating and drinking. Nothing fancy, just a day when you’re not worried about what needs to get done. My friend understands this only too well. He’s always inviting me over to hang out by his pool or just sit in his living room and drink a few beers. I just need to win the lotto to make this an everyday occurrence.

This is a mini keg I picked up from Trader Joe’s. It’s really good.

Is that Kobe down there?

Sometimes we get to my friend’s place and he’s not home yet, so we sneak into the unlocked, unsold units and enjoy the views from there while we wait. Perhaps this will be our place one day when we start our life of leisure.

The Minimoon. This is the good part, ya perverts!

Somewhere along the way the word “minimoon” became a commonly understood term for short honeymoon. Michelle keeps dropping that word and people just nod in understanding. For our minimoon we went to Palm Springs. This is a quick recap of the trip.

Yeah, it was really hot.

We booked our room at Ace Hotel. This is where all the hipsters go to vacation.

Fortunately for us the pool was open from 6AM to 2AM.

At peak temperature hours, the pools wouldn’t even cool things down enough. We had to hide out in the room. Luckily it had adult entertainment, but because of the high gay population they offer non standard choices. Option two and three are not the same.

We took the Aerial Tramway up to the top of the mountains. If you’re like me and don’t like heights, it’s pretty scary. Still the views were breathtaking. It was also twenty degrees cooler up there. I never thought temperatures in the mid 90’s would feel so cool.

You’d never know there was a desert just down the mountain when you’re up here. It’s green.

Overlooking the desert through the pines.

We stopped into the bar before dinner one night. It’s pretty crowded.

That’s because BINGO was going down. The number caller is an older lady named Irma, who sings between games. She’s awesome.

Michelle actually won one of the games. Here she is with her prize, a bottle of wine and a slice of pie. She’s a lucky girl. Snagged a super guy and some great prizes.

We went to check out The Parker for some brunch.

Everything in Palm Springs is right out of the 1970’s.

After the trip, Michelle was exhausted. You interpret that however you want.

Food pictures will be in another post.

How to Motivate for Weight Loss

You think if I got my weight down to 125 pounds I could get this to go 1 foot/second? That would still be pretty awesome.