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#1 Dad

2009’s Father of the Year contest is over. Don’t even worry that we’re still less than half way through the year. The contest is over. This guy wins.

A Spell of Invisibility for Clothes

Apparently there was a wizard at Coachella, who disrobed himself in the middle of the venue. Some people didn’t seem to mind. A girl shook his hand and someone else gave him a water bottle, but when he refused to put his wizard garb back on, they cast a spell of lightning on him. They tasered his naked ass. Check it out here. (Link is SFW but video embedded shows his magic wand.)

I was complaining about sweaty, shirtless dudes in the TRV$DJAM tent. Imagine standing next to this guy jumping up and down next to you at a show in the 100+ degree weather. Things would be flopping around. I’ll leave you with that thought.

Have a good weekend!

Cruising Pictures

I wrote a little while back that I like taking pictures of when I’m on the road, specifically pictures of collisions. I don’t know why. I just do. Today was even better than normal.

I started my day off visiting a customer with my dad, so I didn’t take my normal route to work. I went straight down Crenshaw, and the whole time he kept saying we should have taken the freeway. I couldn’t figure out why the traffic was so slow until I saw this.

On the corner of Crenshaw and 234th in Torrance.

That was pretty exciting. Who says Torrance is boring?

This is where the cops are going to meet up aftewards and give each other high fives.