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First Meal in Boston

After Chicago Michelle and I figured we were already half way across the country and decided to travel to the East Coast. Not wanting to do New York like we normally do, we decided on Boston. We got to our hotel pretty late, but being in The Back Bay, there were plenty of food options.

Boston is known for its New American style of food. There are places on practically every block serving this style of cuisine. We chose The Salty Pig for our first grub spot.

Prosciutto, Speck, Hard Gouda, Fig Jam, Chianti Jelly.

Mushroom Pizza, Topped with a Farm Egg.

Granted we were pretty hungry after travelling, but I really enjoyed this place. They’ve got a small rotation of beers that are pretty good, and their staff is super friendly, even after I brought up the Red Sox end of the regular season implosion.

Pizzeria Olio

Our friends moved to the Mid Wilshire area and invited us all out to their new place. Not only was their new home a great place, but the location is great. They can walk just about in any direction and there’s a place to eat. That’s just what we did.

We took a stroll through their neighborhood and ended up at Pizzeria Olio, but there were plenty of choices with Robata Jinya and Burger Kitchen right across the corner. Apologies for the yellowness of the photos. Pretty much all the light on the patio came from a street light on the corner.

They have a lot of custom sodas and even hot chocolate with fire-roasted marshmallows.

Margherita – Crushed tomatoes, fresh local mozzarella, fresh basil and Tuscan olive oil

Prosciutto & Chard – Smoked prosciutto (Speck ham), sautéed Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes topped with shaved Parmesan

Wild Mushrooms & Herbed Ricotta Cheese – Fire roasted mushrooms with herbed ricotta cheese, caramelized onion and French brie

Prosciutto & Fig – One of their specials. The sweetness and soft texture of the figs compliments the saltiness of the ham very nicely.

You won’t find dessert on their menu. They have different flavors of gelato and some other special things.

Pizza dough, caramelized sugar crust, ricotta cheese, and Nutella.

I’ve heard Pizzeria Olio compared to Pizzeria Mozza. Both places make quality wood-fired pizzas with fresh ingredients. I would have to say that I prefer Mozza’s pies more, but Olio is more than a fair compromise, and when you factor in the price and the wait at Mozza, it’s hardly a compromise. I’d be glad to return to Olio. Plus I can walk across the street after for some ramen.

It’s like a poor man’s Bottega Louie

Walk into Eatalian Cafe, and you’ll feel like you walked into a knockoff of Bottega Louie. It sits in Gardena, pretty much as close as you can get to West Compton in an industrial area, where on one travels through at night. The restaurant is a very large space, formerly a textile factory and like Bottega, it’s white. Very white. There’s even a spot where you can look at dessert pastries and gelato, much like the dessert display at Bottega. Still, while it brings up that familiarity of everyone’s favorite large downtown eatery, I think it stands out okay for itself on the food.

I believe this one was the Penne Capresi.

Four Cheese Gnocchi. This dish doesn’t do much as far as appearance goes. The four cheeses sauce is delicious though.

Gnocchi in meat sauce. While the sauce is good, I feel like the gnocchi is overcooked, making the gnocchi dishes a bit weak.

Tagliatelle al Ragù. This pasta was cooked just the way I like it, having the perfect amount of bite.

Pizza Gitana. Cherry tomatoes, speck, and mushrooms.

Something tells me we should talk as a group before ordering. Another mushroom pizza.

Pizza Prosciutto Crudo. This was nicely salted, a lot lighter than I originally expected. All the pizzas were cooked well, with a nice crisp crust, but this was my favorite pizza.

Here we are enjoying our meal. Less talking. More eating. You can see in the background just how white everything is in the restaurant.

Eatalian is definitely a place I would come back to check out again, as their menu has a variety of items to try. Heck, this place doesn’t even have its liquor license yet. Think about how awesome it will be to enjoy an Italian meal with some wine and beer?

More San Pedro Eats

Pavich’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. Half Meat Lovers. Half Croatian. I remember not liking the Croatian before, but I guess my taste buds have evolved. They make a fantastic pie.

Nachos with chicken at San Pedro Brewing Company. I’d pass on these next time and go with the calamari again.

Ortega Burger at San Pedro Brewing Company. So far I’ve had a perfectly cooked burger every time, always enjoyable.

Wings at 710 Grille. They have a sign up that says they win for best wings every year. I’m not sure who else is in the contest, but these are some fantastic wings. These are the Spicy wings. Good  heat to them. There are three levels on top of this. Scorching! Extra Scorching! Ring of Fire! I have had Scorching, and I will stick with Spicy. I’m sure Ring of Fire is referring to the after effects.

Kangaroo Burger at 710 Grille. It’s probably just the meat from this particular animal, but it’s a little bit tough for a burger. Doesn’t quite have the fat content you want in a patty.

San Pedro, you’re all right.

Argentina: Not just for steak.

When people find out that we’ve returned from Argentina, they immediately ask us about the steak. The steak is incredible, but I feel like Buenos Aires is starting to offer so much more. Eat steak, but here are some other things you definitely want to check out.

Azema is a restaurant, named after the head chef and owner. This place is a fusion restaurant, combining foods from his travels to Vietnam and Morocco. Michelle’s favorite part in all this is that you can tell them how spicy you want it, and it actually ends up with a good bit of heat.

Fried dumplings. They’re like Asian empanadas.

Shrimp curry. They tend to overcook their shrimp in Argentina. The shrimp were a bit softer than I’d like, but it was great to taste some different flavors.

Michelle went with a Moroccan style lamb curry, and based off the sniffles she got the spicy she had been missing.

Los Inmortales, a pizza joint that’s very popular. If you ask for it by name people know.

Pizza is a pretty big deal in Argentina. It works out well for them, because cheese, olives, tomatoes, ham, and pepperoni are regular items in their diet anyway.

Pepperoni and mushrooms. The crust on their pies is well balance. It’s light but not too doughy.

You can’t see it, but under the layer of cheese is ham, covering every square inch of the crust. The sweetness of the ham against the saltiness of the olive and cheese worked well.

We checked out Sudestada, an Asian fusion joint. I was impressed with how many people were using chopsticks.

Hopefully they recount the orders for hanging chads.

Dumplings for starters.

Chicken curry. Beautifully presented.

Pork chow fun. This dish is okay. It was nice to get some familiar Asian flavors that we were missing during our trip, but it’s nothing too special.

Michelle loves hot dogs, so even though we had just eaten a couple hours before, she had to try an Argentinian hot dog. They call them superpanchos.

They offer all kinds of toppings to garnish their hot dogs, but to Michelle’s dismay none of them were jalapenos.

Whether or not you’re a fan of beef, you should visit Buenos Aires for a food vacation. There are enough restaurants challenging the traditional standard of parrillas. They’re doing it well too, combining the leisure eating style with different types of foods. This gets a big thumbs up in my book.


We picked up a Blackboard Eats coupon for 30% off Mozza2Go for up to $100. As soon as our friends found out we had one, they insisted we should get together (with them) and make a night of it.

This makes me want to learn to cook Italian food, or just food in general.

When you take food to go, you have to get gelato to go as well. There’s no good way to set up a good shot of this when people can barely stop consuming it. Thanks Shivani for hand modeling.

We maxed out the $100 limit to use every bit of discount to ensure maximum enjoyment.

It wasn’t all a one-sided party. Our friends opened some wine for us.

The cabbage was a tad bitter for my tastes, but this salad is still delicious.

This is what we call an orgy of flavor. Pardon the yellowness of the images. The lighting in this room is encased in yellow glass to give it a candlelight feel.

Here are some of the slices under white light.

Now that you’ve seen the pizzas, let me tell you how they taste. Awesome. That really should be a sufficient description for these pizzas. I know the word gets tossed around a lot, especially by me. The word’s meant to mean awe inspiring, which may sound ridiculous to some, but I feel it’s appropriate.

This crust on this pizza is thin. Yet it manages to be crisp on the outside and light on the inside. I’m not sure how they do it, but the pizzas are made just perfectly so the olive oil transports the flavors around evenly into every bite without making the pizza an oily mess. My favorites were the goat cheese and the mushroom pizzas.

If anyone wants to go back here to try some more stuff, let me know.

Dirty Thirty!

Although I haven’t been out in the world a full thirty years until about noon today, I am thirty. Ask my dad about it sometime. He likes to tell the story about how after I was born he went to lunch.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with Michelle, my parents, and my cousins and their parents. Between the nine of us four of us have June birthdays. We decided on Waterloo & City. I didn’t realize this place is new, only been around five weeks according to my uncle. It’s a great restaurant, but it’s not for those who don’t like to sit and enjoy a long meal.

Shrimp and zucchini fritters.

Foie Gras.

Braised beef short ribs pizza.

Murgh Makani. We were told it means “butter chicken.” Yeah, so in for this.

Of course we had to watch the Lakers game.

Whole roasted chicken. You can see the embers still glowing.

I forget what this was called, but it had rabbit, porcini, and bacon. I ordered after I saw bacon.

Fresh salmon.

Pork belly.

This is a terrible picture of a super creamy pasta with truffles. Everyone loved this sauce.

Strawberries and creme.

Chocolate and bananas.

Thirty years have passed. I’m not truly the world’s strongest billionaire. I don’t always lift heavy things…effortlessly. I haven’t gone multi-platinum. People don’t flock to places when they hear I’m going to be showing up. Am I where I want to be in life?

Most definitely, yes.

Play hard. Work even harder.

Saturday we decided to go hiking in the foothills of the mountains to look for some waterfall, where you can dive into the water. I had no idea there would be almost twenty of us hiking.

Here are at the beginning of our 3 mile round trip hike.

We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader… Unfortunately the different leaders we had took us the wrong way twice. It turned out to be an extreme hike, lasting 4.5 hours.

We thought this helicopter was for us, but they were air lifting someone else off the trails.

Two of the jumpers calculating their jump. Yes, there is water down there.

Larry, being extreme. He better tuck those arms in before he slams into the water and bruises his arms.

The next day we really wanted to get out so, we invited some friends over. Tender Greens was closed so we went to the same pizza joint we always go to had a few slices.

We were having a good time having some drinks when I got a phone call from work. The office flooded.

This is after the water came down from half an inch in the entire office.

Paper towels that did their job. They absorbed water. Unfortunately there was a lot more water.

A whole mess of power strips that got messed up in the water. You can see one actually shorted and caught on fire, but fortunately there was water to put it out.

We spent all day using steam cleaners to suck the water out of the carpet. Finally the professionals came in with the big guns. We’ve still got a lot of water in the floors and walls, and we found out our neighbors got a lot of water through the wall we share.

We moved some of the employees out to one of the dryer rooms. It’s a LAN party!

Being Grown Up Sucks

Michelle and I are almost settled into our new place. There are a couple key pieces of furniture missing, and the kitchen supplies are not completely put away yet, but things are shaping up. We’re getting used to being in each other’s faces all the time, and it’s not too bad.

The one thing we don’t like is being responsible. We need more paper towels. We should return this trash can, because we found it for less money elsewhere. We need to clean the floors. We have to wash the sheets. There’s laundry to be done. It’s like all our free time is spent running errands. We want to go back to our care free days. Maybe my parents will let us move in with them.

The one thing we have tried to save time for is food and drink. We have to eat so it’s a good pause to all the running around. Saturday, per Julian’s suggestion we went to check out Mama’s Lu in Monterey Park. I think it’s supposed to be “Mama Lu’s” but the Chinglish is overpowering. As it took five minutes to pull around the parking lot Michelle said, “Remember when we were going to live here?” I quickly and adamantly responded, “There was no way I was going to let us live out here. Can’t stand the Chinese.” The food is good though.

We got too excited and forgot to snap a picture in its whole form. This is the roast beef noodle soup. So good for a hangover, which one of our friends was suffering from at the time.

The shrimp, chive, and pork dumplings. Juicy and the shrimp was cooked perfectly, not overcooked like a lot of places tend to do when it comes to dumplings.

Vegetable dumplings. Normally I like meat, meat, and meat with a side of meat, but these are really good.

Fish dumplings. Normally not the meat of choice for dumplings. I would order these again.

Shanghainese style meatball. Why do they refer to these as “lion’s head?”

Xiaolongbao. These are some of the best I have ever had. I wish someone would break a hundred of these open, drain the juices into a cup, and hand me a straw.

We’re all still discovering the area around us. LaRocco’s Pizza in Culver City is a little spot we discovered after looking for a place to grab a slice of pizza, since we weren’t very hungry. The joint is small, and they tell you on the door that they close then they run out of dough. As we experienced depending on the order load they have, they run out of different types of their pizza for thirty minutes at a time, but that allows you to try their other styles of pizza. They are all delicious.

The ricotta cheese on this has the perfect texture to compliment the crust, which is crisp but not hard.

Michelle really liked this one. Spinach and cherry tomatoes.