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Just Shoot Me

Harrison asked some of us if we wanted to do a photo shoot in his garage just for kicks. We piled into his garage and had a blast. These are some of the photos from my camera and my friends’ cameras. I don’t have the photos from Harrison’s camera, which has a lot more fun stuff. I’ll post those later when I get them.


She’s got legs and she knows how to use them…for walking.


I think I’m going to need more beer if you keep insisting I stand on phone books. At least get rid of the heels so we can get rid of one of the phone books.


You can barely tell in this smaller picture, but she’s got lips drawn on the duct tape on her mouth.


The best part are the two guys with point and shoot cameras in the back. I think I saw someone whip out a Blackberry to take pictures too.

Photos are Up

Let’s keep this short and sweet. I moved my photos website to this domain. You can check it out here. I have an RSS feed linked on the sidebar for future reference.

Which One of These is Not Like the Other?


This is one of my favorite pictures from my brother’s wedding. We’re quite cramped in the picture. I remember having the bridesmaid next to me having to lean on me and complain that she could feel my breathing. Still it’s better than the two groomsmen on the left that have to put their junk (junks?) together. If you want to see the rest of the pictures, drop me a message. I prefer not to post them for a bunch of strangers to see. If you’re interested, the photographer is Augie Chang. He has a pretty good eye for posing people as well as taking candid shots.