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Self Dignity for Sale Too!

Guys, I know you wake up each morning wishing you were a little bit more like me. Here is your chance. Moving always makes me realize how much stuff I’ve accumulated that I don’t really need. I have some things that I am selling and giving away. Own a piece of m@!

Blackberry Curve for T-Mobile. I’d be glad to give this away if anyone just needs a phone.

AM/FM alarm clock with two alarms and battery backup.

Incase laptop backpack with pouch for laptop. Single strap design. I used this for my 15″ PowerBook and then later my 13″ MacBook.

Single strap design.

X-Arcade gaming controller with USB hookup. Download MAME and get some classic gaming going.

I forgot that I have this little computer too. It’s a tablet style computer. Viliv is the manufacturer. It has built in GPS with a car charger, and I believe it has a car mount too. I think it’s this one.

I’ve got some things that I don’t have pictures of yet, like a 10 and 20 gallon fish tank. I also have a Nintendo DSi XL that is unopened that was a gift. I’ll post more as I find more. Make me an offer. I promise I won’t call you cheap if you try to low ball me. This is your chance to be like me!

If you’d prefer not to be like me but to be like Spencer, I found these when cleaning out my closet.

These ARE the droids you’re looking for…


Pretty obvious which one is my phone and which one is Michelle’s phone.

If you slide to the left panel you see the full Clone Trooper helmet and if you slide to the right one you see the full Stormtrooper helmet. Yes, I am a huge nerd.

I Am Google. Hear Me Voice!

I can see why people go after Google for being a monopoly. They have their hand in everything. In the end they are trying to get people to use their products more so they can sell more ads. Still I’ve been very pleased with most of what Google has released.

Google Voice is no exception. When they bought Grand Central I signed up but couldn’t figure out what they were trying to do with the service. Now I know. Its pretty hard to explain everything that it’s capable of doing, but it gives you a phone manager on steroids. Read about it here.

Good Friends

Text Message: Why are you not online?
Text Message: Is everything ok?

Guess who? If you can’t figure it out, here’s another text message I got yesterday morning from this person. Take special note of the geeky undertones and inability to spell panicked.

Text Message: I feel so trapped and paniced without my laptop. Phone batt on low and no digi cam to document something for work.

Alright, I’m Up!

I stumbled across this link to an ingenius piece of technology. Although I’m sure it is only a concept as the article states, it’s not a bad idea. On top of just calling random phone numbers, the alarm clock should have a speaker in it so you end up on speaker with your angry friends at the crack of dawn. I bet this would get most of you out of bed, especially when you suddenly see your clock dialing the ex that you forgot to delete from your phone.