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Matt’s Big Book of Weddings

In order to save the sanity of husbands-to-be all around the world I’ve created this handy guide for wedding planning. It will cover the things you should do and the details that no girl will ever think about in her planning.

  1. Party. Since you would rather have a kegger anyway, make sure there is plenty of alcohol available. Everyone will tell you it was a great wedding if they are inebriated, no matter how poorly other things go. Also, spread out the heavy drinkers. Most people put the rowdy crowd in the back together, but this is a mistake. You want them dispersed to rally up the entire group, not just one or two tables of passed out people.

That is my advice. This could have been a multi-part book, but I think I pretty much covered everything important.

Unforgettable…unless you are drunk.

This Saturday was Unforgettable, Koream’s annual event, where everyone gets dressed up to rub elbows with the stars. It’s a great event with a lot of great sponsors, and the fact that alcohol is sponsored for the event and after party makes it even better.



2009-11-22 02.06.25

A meal after the event, where Michelle’s car headrest made an appearance.

You Belong to the City. Wrong.

Yesterday was Blogger Prom, an event thrown by some of Los Angeles’ elite bloggers. I had only heard about it here and there via Twitter, but as it always turns out Michelle is a big deal. So I took up my place as a trophy date and dawned an ensemble that would probably get me beaten up in the Inland Empire.


Here is that outfit. Pink was definitely a theme for the night. Anyone need a pink velour shirt with ruffles? Only been worn once.

Going to Blogger Prom really made me feel out of my element. Don’t get me wrong. I met a lot of really cool people that I wouldn’t mind grabbing a drink with or sharing a meal with in the future, but I’m not LA enough to roll with this crowd on a regular basis. I’m suburbia.

I love reading their blogs about food and different night life hangouts, but I could not imagine myself doing this same thing on a regular basis. It’s all too fast for me. I enjoy coming home to a quiet neighborhood with no traffic lights, pausing for a moment to look at the coastline and the LA basin and settling into my night of crappy television.

So while I am not itching to be out on the town night after night, it’s nice to know that all of it is a short drive away always waiting for me. Once in a while when an especially fun event like Blogger Prom rolls around, I will see you in LA.