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Here comes the sun.

Saturday we went up to Hollywood for Annie’s 30th birthday party. Michelle kept saying, “Don’t get too close or you’ll catch it! Then we’ll all be thirty!” We’re all getting old, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel young at heart and in our activities.

We had a picnic party! Who would have thought it rained and hailed for six days straight before this?

We gorged ourselves on delicious foods and after playing badminton, croquet, and other rich people games we decided we needed to eat more and  headed to Ondal 2 for some Korean food.

I picked the best seat. With people running late these were all mine.

Holy Mackerel! Vegetable pancake in the background.

Seafood pancake.

Unfortunately I can’t eat this one, because I’m allergic to crab.

This one I can eat. Short ribs in a spicy broth that is just awesome. It’s got heat but you can taste all the other flavors in the broth.

Doesn’t that look awesome?

After all the crab was gone, one of the servers tossed some hand made noodles into the broth for round two.

Not to be outdone, another server made some fried rice with the beef broth. This was awesome.

Those Koreans are so resourceful, taking two dishes that would have been otherwise considered finished, turning them into two completely new dishes. I bet a pack of Koreans could live for three weeks on my food waste alone.