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Curry by Train & Lost in Translation

One of the restaurants we had on our list to check out was Niagara Curry. It’s a well known curry spot, and it has a cool surprise. The restaurant is completely train themed from the seats to the decor.

Your curry is even delivered to your table by train!

It’s Thomas the Tank Engine!

Our dinner has arrived by train!

All food tastes better when it’s delivered by train.

Michelle went with the hot curry. She said this was pretty hot, definitely the spiciest thing we had in Japan.

When you get your meal the owners give you a ticket along with it.

Here is the owner. He gave us conductor’s hats to wear. We designated him our Japan Grandpa.

There’s even a guest book that all the patrons can sign.

After dinner we went to the Park Hyatt Hotel to cross of one of our to-do list items. Go to the hotel bar from Lost in Translation.

They add a pretty hefty cover charge to your bill after 8 PM, so as 7:45 rolled around we asked for our check. We were slow to leave though, slow enough to catch a little live music.