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Creepy Scenery

Here are some creepy photos I took while working out in the field.

That is all.

Just for Men

I cut my hair this week and while doing so I noticed how many gray hairs I have on my head. It’s better than being bald I guess, but I’m not even thirty! I pulled out more than a dozen, and I’m sure that wasn’t even half of them. (Yeah, I know that means I’m getting double that amount growing back.) I told my dad about my graying, and his response was “That’s probably good for business. People will take you more seriously since you won’t look like a kid.” Sure I will have a look of wisdom about me, but how am I going to make sales without my rugged, youthful looks?!

Maybe I should just start wearing hats.

I’m Old

There’s really no denying it. The biking incident that rendered my rear useless is just one of the examples. Tonight I had the choice to go out or stay in, and staying in looked really good, especially after the accidental nap I took after dinner. I was forced out by Michelle and her sister to Musha. I’m glad I got out. It gave me energy just to be out. I should really push myself in other things as well. Who knows what I’m capable of but too tired to just try?