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The Playground: Omakase

Michelle and I were fortunate enough to get to check out The Playground’s ¬†Omakase-Style Seafood Dinner. Some pretty unique dishes were in the lineup, and we were excited.

They had some Japanese brews that aren’t very common in the states available to pair with the meal. Hitachino’s Real Ginger Brew is very light and refreshing.

Tai. This dish was inspired by the ocean with sand, surf, and even some seaweed.

Albacore. The mint and tangerine with the fish was a great flavor combination, fresh and sweet.

Mackerel. Fried soba noodle gave this dish an awesome texture contrast.

Pork belly. The only land animal in the meal, with a root vegetable sauce of carrot and soil. Get it?

Skip jack. Pretty lean piece of fish here compared to tuna, complimented with some fat from an egg sauce, done like an aioli.

This torch came out a couple of times in the meal.

Octopus. The broth it’s sitting on is a broth made from Doritos. You heard me. It tastes like ranchero sauce with a faint taste of corn at the end. Combined with the octopus, apple slices, and¬†avocado, this dish had huge texture and flavor.

Watermelon. Combine that with carbonated pineberries, powdered condense milk, and a sprinkle of pop rocks. This dessert was a literal flavor explosion in my mouth.

The Playground is doing some pretty great things with food, but the fact that the chefs are given liberty to produce special meals like this in addition to that is fantastic. Compliments to Chef Frank DeLoach on a fantastic meal.

Pretending to be Korean.

This weekend we set out to be Korean. We met Spencer and Vivian at Road to Seoul and we gorged ourselves on delicious meats while making our hair, clothes, and bodies smell like smoke. The meat there is absolutely awesome, not like the gristle and fat you get at most places.

Still feeling the need to be more Korean, we headed out to karaoke. Nore bang. Forgot we’re trying to be Korean. Singing your lungs out is always fun. I learned I can sing Lady Gaga pretty well. If only my friends would stop laughing at me I might be able to get through a whole song. Still, the highlight was this guy.

I don’t know who this mystery man is, but I know one thing. I already like him.