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About time we got a cool President

Here is number two in my Photoshop ability. President Yo’bama. I won’t explain how this one was done. It’s pretty obvious.


No wonder we’re in so much financial trouble with his expensive taste in icy hot grills.


Fortunately he has a stimulus package. Make it rain! [Woooha! who actually took it from me first I think]

No One Likes Obama

Okay so it’s not completely true, but he has fallen out of favor with a lot of people with his spending spree with no apparent returns in sight. It also doesn’t help that his foreign policy plan seems to be to be apologize for America and everything it does.

I got this in the mail from one of our vendors, a company based in Germany and with its American operations run by a guy from Holland. The love for America’s messiah seems to be dwindling and not just in the United States.


Black Guy / White House

I beg to differ. Hilary Clinton had a huge ass.

overvalue – to assign too high a value to



I stopped into a 7-11 this weekend and saw this. I know there are people buying up these things and holding on to them like they’re worth a million dollars. Does anyone remember the baseball card industry? Topps, Donruss, Fleer, and Bowman? Any of these ring any bells?

It’s highly unlikely that we’re going to see any individuals financially hurt when the Obama market crashes, but seriously. Will people never learn?