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Ramen Jinya

Although it’s quite the trek for us to get there, we decided to try out Ramen Jinya. It has received so much attention as of late that it was worth checking out.

The place is fairly large, definitely much larger than most ramen joints I’m used to seeing.

We were pretty hungry so we ordered a few things to snack on while we waited for the rest of our party. Spicy tuna roll. This was not spicy at all. It was pretty disappointing.

Crispy chicken. This was good. It reminds me of Musha’s Fried Chicken, but it’s definitely not quite as good as that.

Someone ordered a spicy tuna bowl, and by the looks of it and the fact that he kept adding Sriracha, it was the same batch of tuna used to make our sushi.

The gyoza were tasty, definitely a great compliment when you’re eating ramen.

I think I’ve only had one other occasion where the ingredients were placed on a separate plate from the broth and the noodles. I supposed that’s to show that the ingredients are fresh.

Michelle always pics a colorful assortment of ingredients for her dishes.

The soup, the meat, the noodles. The broth in my bowl is the Premium Tonkotsu, which is infused with fish flavor.

So what did we think of Ramen Jinya? We will let our empty dishes start the conversation.

Just because I will finish a dish doesn’t make it perfect. The broth at Ramen Jinya is excellent. While it’s got lots of flavor it doesn’t feel like it’s been pumped with a whole lot of salt to get it there. The noodles are a little bit weak like Daikokuya’s noodles though. They’re a little too limp to earn the Ramen Medal of Honor, an award I just made up right now. While it’s not earning any fictional awards, I would definitely come back to this place if I was in the area. It is a bit of the beaten path for regular visits, but I recommend you check it out at least once.

Korean BBQ is a noodle, right?

Noodle Club has come back together after a summer off. From the suggestion of Michelle and one other member, we went to Corner Place Restaurant for some cold noodles. I know what you’re thinking. Cold noodles? That sounds like a terrible idea. I’m totally with you on that. I’m a big believer in hot food and cold beverages. I went into this meeting very skeptical.

Fortunately for me, while cold noodles are a star dish here at this restaurant, it’s still considered a side dish making way for the main event. Meat.

Raw beef is my new favorite noodle.

Mmm, smoky goodness.

The cold noodles. It’s good, very refreshing. This compliments the grilled meat well. While I would not want this as a dish by itself, it’s great with a heavier main dish. I have found a great exception to the hot meal, cold beverage rule.

While Noodle Club is serious business, we still like to have fun. See? We even made a volcano onion.

Daikokuya must have been better in a previous life.

Again, hop into my DeLorean and let’s go eat at this spot Daikokuya I just heard about from a friend. Well maybe I didn’t just hear about it but the long lines always deterred me, especially when it’s for ramen. I’ve been spoiled in Gardena where good ramen shops are everywhere and waiting is something you don’t have to consider.

There are probably just as many people standing outside on the sidewalk waiting to get into the joint.

These sausages are good. I haven’t found a sausage that I don’t enjoy in my mouth. Yes, that is what she said.

I don’t know what happened to the gyoza, but they turned into a giant pancake. It’s okay though. They covered it up with a mountain of green onions. No one will know.

This is good ramen. The broth is excellent, definitely some of the best I’ve ever had in all my ramen consumption. The noodles, however, are just okay. When you put that together it’s a bit disappointing after the wait. Perhaps the wait raised my expectations or maybe it was too much to eat before I actually got to the ramen, but I was just expecting more from the fabled Daikokuya.

Way to class it up a notch, pho.

After eating breakfast at Norma’s in Palm Springs, we decided we had enough heat and headed home. On our way home we decided to get some pho. Michelle kept reiterating after the wedding that she had not eaten pho in over four weeks because of our flourless diet. Since we never get that far east very often we decided to stop at Pho Huynh, a place Tony recommended to us a long time ago. (Apologies to Melody LAX. I promised I wouldn’t use a Yelp link until they changed their shady rating practices, but I couldn’t find another good link.)

Pho with Filet Mignon. This makes pho bearable for me. When combined with better meat, it’s no longer the peasant of noodle soups. It’s more of a working middle class noodle soup. Well played Pho Huynh.