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Kids at Heart

Just so you don’t think all I did in New York was eat and drink (although nothing wrong with that), here is a short clip of us in the subway station. They were doing construction so you could hear the jack-hammering. Like any grown adult, some of us decided to make machine gun motions.

The rest of the New York pictures can be viewed here.

The thing about New York…

We knew our last day had to be big, so we started with more eating. After a mixup at Calle Ocho (Boo on Calle Ocho!), we ended up waiting in the cold for Good Enough to Eat.


Omelet with biscuits and strawberry butter.


Their waffles are good enough to eat but not that great. I’d get something with bacon in it instead. Their bacon is thick as all bacon should be in life.


After brunch Alice was kind enough to get some cupcakes for Michelle’s birthday.


Cupcakes at Alice’s apartment on the Upper West Side, which she claims is the best side.


Hanging out at The High Line.



Blue lighting in The High Line.


Part of the skyline during sunset.


The elevator in The Standard had this really creepy movie that played scenes of heaven when taking the elevator up and scenes of hell in red when taking it down.


Michelle’s birthday wish is that everyone drink! She got her wish. After drinking copious amounts of sangria at dinner we headed off to Bowery Electric. They play great music here that makes you want to do terrible 80’s dancing, which really is the best kind of dancing.


Drunk at Katz’s Deli.


Meal #3 of the night. No idea what this restaurant is called.


On the flight home we got to see The Grand Canyon.

It was a great trip, fast and furious. I got to hang out in different scenery with a lot of the LA folks and got to see a lot of my friends temporarily stationed in New York. I say temporarily, because they all come back for the weather. They all do. New York’s a great place for one reason. All its greatness is rolled into one compact, phallic-shaped peninsula. It would drive me nuts to have that much going on so near me all the time. I’ll keep my quiet life, where I eat less than six meals a day.

Screw the city. We’re leaving.

We knew from the moment we booked our trip that we were going to come to the city to leave it. We took a trip upstate to check out the foliage. Unfortunately we were about a week late to catch everything in color, but it was still pretty amazing to see some of the trees with different colors, and it was even great to see some trees without leaves.


Are we there yet? I’m tired! I have to pee! Michelle is on my side!


We all have that one embarrassing friend. This is mine. We call him, Fargo.


This picture was taken by Michelle Woo, famous blogger and photographer.


This particular location we went to was the Storm King Art Center. Among the open land and trees were massive sculptures made of industrial building materials.



No one believed me when I said I saw a phallic sculpture, so I took a picture.


We don’t do this kind of stuff in California.


I call this one, Toppling the Doctor’s Tower.


Lorenzo yelled, “Alice, get out of the picture!” Turns out it was Kyung with Susan’s purse.


Looking comfy and loving nature.


Obligatory jumping picture.


We didn’t get back into the city until pretty late. Dinner was at a Korean restaurant. These are the peppers that you eat or make mustache faces.


Drinks at Shebeen. This is Beer Club, New York.

By this point we were exhausted, but with only one more day left we knew we had to go big or go home. Wait, maybe it’s go big and then go home.

First Full Day in NYC

Our goal in New York was to eat, and boy did we eat. We were walking to Momofuku Noodle Bar on Thursday when Cindy finally popped online and said, “Go to Ippudo instead! Get the pork buns!”


Michelle, opening the curtains to a wonderful meal.


These are the pork buns. They’re probably the best thing I ate the whole trip, and I ate a lot of good stuff. After this meal Michelle said, “I trust anything Cindy recommends.”


The ramen is delicious too.


Michelle has no time to talk. She’s eating.


Angelinos wandering around New  York.


I don’t eat dessert really, but a trip here is generally a must for some sweets.


Frozen hot chocolate.


Under the fudge and whipped cream is ice cream and chocolate cake.


After eating desserts there, we thought we wouldn’t be able to eat again, but we powered through.


Mmm, delicious shrimp.


Swordfish. Om nom nom nom.


Lamb. Not the least bit gamy at all.


Short ribs that were perfectly tender.


We found ourselves throwing down some great beers after dinner at The Pony Bar per Cindy’s recommendation. The last thing we did was grab chicken and rice from a food cart. If I was drunk it would have been awesome. It was mediocre after only four beers.

Milking This Trip for Blog Content

I booked a flight for New York for Michelle and myself way back in June. When I originally booked it, it was just the two of us going to visit some friends for a long weekend trip, but it turned out that a lot of our friends had vacation time. They ended up coming out to New York too, and we had a blast. Since I just got back and I’m too tired to post the whole trip, I’ve decided to post a little bit at a time and make it a blog mini series.

Originally Michelle and I were going to stay with Randall. Then Michelle decided to see about getting us a hotel through some work connections. She got us hooked up with a room at The Shoreham Hotel for our entire stay. The place is really nice and is definitely worth checking out if you need a place to stay in the city.



The chair in the background is a massage chair. Came in handy after long days.


They even gave us a fruit platter and a complimentary bottle of champagne, which was our first dinner.


Oh yeah. There were Flaming Hot Cheetos also. Did you know they don’t sell Flaming Hot Cheetos anywhere in Manhattan, maybe in the other boroughs too?

More to come later…

New York Preview

Although these two pictures have nothing to do with any underlying theme of our trip, this is just to keep you interested in a post about New York. Stay tuned for more misadventures of Michelle and me.


Virgin America runs Linux. I wasn’t hacking. It crashes when you try to play Doom.


It wasn’t that cold. Our friend decided to embarrass us by wearing his Fargo hat everywhere, including inside.

Well if that didn’t get you excited about a post to come, I don’t know what will. I don’t know what will.

Everyone’s in Town!

I’ll start this post by contradicting the title. Everyone is not in town. Michelle went to New York with her girl friends for a weekend trip. I was a free man this weekend. I didn’t shower or change my underwear. Ahh, the good life. I did get a chance meet up with some people that were in town.

Friday, before Michelle left for New York, Jessica came into Torrance to have dinner. She has back from China for a couple weeks. We showed her how cool Torrance had become with Del Amo having a Lucky Strike, Ra Sushi, and a BJ’s on its way in Summer 2008. We tried not to make America sound too cool before she had to go back to the Motherland to put lead into children’s toys.

Randall was back this weekend for Chinese New Year’s celebrations and he brought the beautiful weather with him. Originally the plan was to have lunch with a bunch of friends. I apologize to everyone. I woke up late and didn’t get a chance to call people. I got to have lunch with him and his family. When I mentioned my parents were both Shanghainese, but my dad was born in Taiwan he said, “That’s Taiwanese!” I looked at Randall and said, “Told you! You’re not better than me!”

It should be a busy week this week. My brother’s wedding is this weekend. After flying back on Sunday I have to make my way north to stay with Kyung for some work for a couple days up in Thousand Oaks. It should be a fun couple of days arguing with him about whether Captain Picard could kick Boba Fett’s ass or vice versa.