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How I Pick Sports Teams

So the Saints have won the Super Bowl. I’m not going to pretend I’m happy about that. I was rooting for the Colts, but it’s not that I like them. I couldn’t care less about these two franchises. After my actual teams I cheer for, I look for teams to cheer against.

My NCAA grudges carry over into the professional leagues. So for teams that draft USC Trojans, they get an automatic booing from me for five years. Reggie Bush is why I wanted New Orleans to lose. A win would have been sweeter, but Reggie’s almost no show performance was an okay second for me.

Now that football season is over, it’s time to shift my focus back to basketball. Time to heckle OJ Mayo and the Memphis Grizzlies, even if they have no chance of winning.

Busy Weekend #1

Well, the busy month of June is in effect. Here is the recap. Pictures will follow.

Friday, I spent the day working at a hospital. I walked through the trauma center. It’s pretty boring, just a bunch of people standing around and holding their bleedings wounds. I did get to see the side of the hospital that a lot of people don’t get to see though.

Afterwards I went to Kyung’s place for his “House Cooling Party.” It’s pretty ingenious. You have housewarming parties to get things to furnish your place. Then when you want to throw away crap you don’t want to pack, you invite people over and force them to take something with them. We watch Star Wars, played Wii Fit, and Rock Band while drinking Mojitos and Jello shots with far too much alcohol that Kyung was trying to dispense with before his move.

Saturday was spent cleaning out the garage during the day. In the evening I went to the super party at my cousins’ place. I called it the super party, because two of them graduated from MIT, one from Harvard Westlake, and my uncle and one of my cousins had a birthday that week. They had delicious food and drink available. I headed out early to Arsenal to go to Alice’s 30th 28th birthday party celebration. That was a lot of fun. It was good to see friends let loose and get a little crazy.

Sunday I had Father’s Day brunch at The Jonathan Club. If you haven’t heard of it, it means you aren’t a classy individual like me. Actually it probably means you don’t have rich, white relatives or in my case, relatives of relatives. Brunch was delicious with home made waffles to sushi. Donald Sutherland was even there enjoying brunch before the Lakers game.

The Lakers have made the series 3-2. It matters only for saving a little bit of face. While I will cheer whole heartedly for the purple and gold, I do not believe it to be realistic for them to take home the title this year, nor do I feel like they deserve it. With the way they lost the last game and the way they almost screwed up tonight’s game, they have a lot of work to do. When the confetti started coming down tonight after their win I said, “Put it back in the ceiling. They don’t deserve it.”

While the immediate excitement and focus is on the finals, I’m interested in the Lakers’ future. They are a young team. Unlike the Celtics, they have paved a road for future success, not just immediate glory. The Celtics have a couple more years to shoot for the title. KG and Ray Allen will slow down each year, and the Celtics will be in a rebuilding mode again without a shot at the title. The Lakers, however, have some promising young talent that Phil Jackson can hopefully develop while padding the roster with new superstars in the future.

Now Enrolling

All levels of skill are welcome. Paul Pierce’s School of Acting and Performing Arts is now open for registration. At the end of the course, your performances are guaranteed to inspire arenas full of people. F you, Massholes! We’ll be back with a vengeance!

Blast From the Internet Past

As promised I dug through some of my old CDs that I burned in college. It was great finding tons of music videos. What is amazing is the low quality some of these videos. I remember them taking up half of my screen when I was in school. I must have been running a 600-pixel resolution or something, because these videos are tiny on my computer now.

These three videos I dug up are Japanese commercials for a well known athletics gear company. Although these are old and not American commercials, I’d rather not receive take down notices from YouTube. I found these through my Japanese roommate, who was really into Japanese pop culture. He would wake up at 4:00 AM once a week to listen to a Japanese radio show that streamed live over the Internet. He said all three of these videos had famous Japanese rappers do the music.

Good Time for College Sports, Indifferent on Professional

It’s not over yet, but if Major League Baseball heads into a World Series with Colorado and Cleveland, no one is going to care. No one from the west coast is going to root for Colorado, and no one from the east coast is going to root for Cleveland.

In the NBA, the eastern conference has teams coming up as potential powerhouses, and Kobe is still complaining. No one cares.

College football is becoming as exciting as March Madness. There is no telling what team will come out on top. As soon as one team ends up in first place, it signifies their upcoming loss. It’s a roller coaster of excitement. Unfortunately, UCLA is not a part of this excitement. We haven’t been able to improve.

College basketball, on the other hand, is where I am excited for UCLA. Do you remember how we got beaten the past two years by Florida? They were able to dominate the paint, because they never had to guard Mbah a Moute. The prince of Cameroon  had no jump shot. That has changed. This summer, they worked on that, so watch out. Afflalo is gone, but Kevin Love is coming into the mix. Combined with Mata’s ugly mug, The Bruins should do a pretty good job of controlling the boards. With Collison, Shipp, Roll, and Mbah a Moute on the perimeter and with the ability to penetrate, UCLA should have plenty of options this year.