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The Next Evolution of Mankind

Man evolved certain characteristics in order to survive. There isn’t too much life and death survival going on these days in the modern world, so where will man get its next push to evolve? One could argue athletes are pushing themselves to new physical limits, and we know they father plenty of children. *Cough*Shawn Kemp*Cough* Still I don’t think this is where the next step in human evolution is going to come from, because athletes make up too small a percentage of the population.

Our next generation of evolved human beings will come from gamers. The new survival ground is the Internet. The eye hand coordination and finger dexterity on these kids is incredible. Have you ever gone online to play a game of Halo 3 and been killed as soon as you’ve signed online? This is the future of mankind. Now if we could only get these nerds some action so they could spread their superior genetics.