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We picked up a Blackboard Eats coupon for 30% off Mozza2Go for up to $100. As soon as our friends found out we had one, they insisted we should get together (with them) and make a night of it.

This makes me want to learn to cook Italian food, or just food in general.

When you take food to go, you have to get gelato to go as well. There’s no good way to set up a good shot of this when people can barely stop consuming it. Thanks Shivani for hand modeling.

We maxed out the $100 limit to use every bit of discount to ensure maximum enjoyment.

It wasn’t all a one-sided party. Our friends opened some wine for us.

The cabbage was a tad bitter for my tastes, but this salad is still delicious.

This is what we call an orgy of flavor. Pardon the yellowness of the images. The lighting in this room is encased in yellow glass to give it a candlelight feel.

Here are some of the slices under white light.

Now that you’ve seen the pizzas, let me tell you how they taste. Awesome. That really should be a sufficient description for these pizzas. I know the word gets tossed around a lot, especially by me. The word’s meant to mean awe inspiring, which may sound ridiculous to some, but I feel it’s appropriate.

This crust on this pizza is thin. Yet it manages to be crisp on the outside and light on the inside. I’m not sure how they do it, but the pizzas are made just perfectly so the olive oil transports the flavors around evenly into every bite without making the pizza an oily mess. My favorites were the goat cheese and the mushroom pizzas.

If anyone wants to go back here to try some more stuff, let me know.