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Faster than a speeding bullet.

In celebration of its upcoming browser release, which is set to be a great speed improvement, Firefox has been showing off other faster people (scroll down). Couldn’t they pick any cooler ways to display speed? Perhaps an athletic feat? I could upload a video to show off my speed, but I think that would just be embarassing to my manhood. Plus it would require an 18+ check on the website.

Back on topic. I’m excited for the final version of this browser to be released. Should be zippy.

Why You Should Run Firefox

Everyone and their mom has a browser out there now. So which one is best? (Save yourself some time, read the title, and scroll down to the good part.)

Firefox. It browses just as well as any browser, not really much better. So what makes it better? Add-ons! Third party developers can create themes and plugins to enhance the functionality of the browser, and they have created a lot. It could be something as basic as blocking ads that almost everyone can get behind, or it could be something specific like an iTunes controller in your browser so you don’t have to stop browsing to change the song playing.

Here are some of the plugins I use to make my browsing experience so much greater.

Foxmarks. Creat an account at foxmarks.com, install the plugin on a couple browsers, and you now have synchronized bookmarks. Bookmark a page, and when you get home you can browse the same page.

AdBlock Plus. Install and browse the web, free of advertisements. You’ll notice a lot of pages load faster with this plugin, because you’re not waiting for ad content to load before the rest of the page.

TwitterBar. This is not for everyone, but it adds the ability to post to your Twitter account, right from the address bar of Firefox. It’s nice and handy when you’re browsing the web and a thought pops into your head that belongs in a Tweet.

TinyUrl Creator. Hand in hand with Twitter, TinyUrl is necessary to keep yourself under the 140 character limit. The problem is the hassle of having to copy the address to your clipboard, load the TinyURL website, and submit the address. Now, you can be succinct AND lazy.

Firebug. This plugin is a must for anyone who edits or designs websites. It allows you to look at the code of a page while simultaneously viewing the rendered page to see how it’s built. Putting your mouse over the sections of the code shows you which section of the page it renders.

8aweek. I both love and hate this plugin at the same time. You know how you it’s supposed to cut down your food consumption if you took pictures of everything you ate? This is supposed to do that by showing you exactly how much you browse. If just the sheer number of minutes spent browsing weren’t enough to deter you, you can set up a list of restricted sites and limit your daily alotted browsing to them. Get you life back from your browser with the help of your browser.

Everyone has different browsing habits, but Firefox has plugins for everyone. Ask me and I can point some out to you or just take a look in the directory.

Firefox 3.0 Released

Get your copy now. Clickie Clickie

Procrastination at Work

I have an addiction, and I’m sure many of you share this same addiction. The Internet is far too entertaining. With YouTube, Digg, Facebook, and many other sites, it’s hard to get stuff done. There are days I hardly get anything done. Those days I call weekdays. I kid. It doesn’t take much for us to admit that we all waste time at work when there is Internet available. As long as you’re being honest with yourself (and use Firefox), you can also fix your problem.

For those of you that don’t have access to enable content filtering on your firewall, you can install Leechblock, a Firefox extension which allows you to create a list of websites and set time restraints on when you can access them. You can even lock yourself out of the options during the time restraints. This still doesn’t stop you from disabling the extension or opening Safari, but it’s a start. If everyone installed this and used it during work, we could probably pull our economy out of the hole.