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Movie Friday

Let’s just stop kidding ourselves. You don’t want to be working on Friday. The folks at Hulu know that, and they are helping out. A cult classic movie is available in all its glory. I give to you, Revenge of the Nerds! If you’re feeling too guilty to watch a full length movie at work, make sure you check out some of the famous Animaniacs songs. I miss this show.

Expect at least one more post this before Monday. Have a good weekend, suckers.

Hit the Bee!

I went to the movies today to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (horrible movie by the way). I went to use the restroom before stepping into the theater and I saw this.

This is the children’s urinal. First, brilliant move making the unit flushless. Kids don’t flush anyway.

On closer inspection, there is a bee painted on the porcelain. This is another brilliant idea. Kids will aim for the bee, reducing the sprinklage on the floor due to misaligned pee pee streams.

More of our innovation should be used to design useful products like these instead of working on making atoms collide or making bombs. Take it to the next level and make my stealth urinal! I’m tired of having pee on my shoes.

Like Being Stuck in the 80’s

Here I am. Where? Here. After flying into Chicago, I drove three hours into Indiana. Why? There are no direct flights into Indiana and it takes longer to wait at two airports. I got in here at about 9:00 PM, and after checking in with the front desk we asked where we could eat. The response?

“All the restaurants are closed at this time. There is a pizza parlor down the road, or you can head into town. There a bunch of fast food places open.”

We went for the pizza, which had an arcade like Chuck E. Cheese. After we ate some high school kids came in to play some games. This is probably the only thing open at night. Fortunately, there is cable in the hotel. I saw Karate Kid. I am imagining the rest of the people in this town just like the characters in the movie, complete with the attire. Come on, torn sweats and headbands!

Tropic Thunder. Get Some.

Last night I went to see a press screening of Tropic Thunder. The movie was hilarious! There was an all star cast of actors and quite a few cameos. I’m really not much of a Ben Stiller fan other than Zoolander. If you thought that was mildly funny, this is definitely a movie you have to see.

The movie is causing a little bit of stir amongst the mentally handicapped. The word “retard” is thrown around quite a bit during a 10-minute period in the movie, and people are taking to the streets. Do you think the mentally challenged even know what is going on here? I’m sure friends and family are trying to ensure people treat them well, but this movie isn’t calling for people to go hunt down the mentally challenged. Go see the movie.

Pineapple Express: Some F’d Up S!

I went out for Angie’s birthday yesterday in Culvery City. It was good to see the Barrington gang that I haven’t seen in a while. We started out at Tender Greens and had a couple drinks at Duke’s Hideaway before going to see Pineapple Express. I had no idea what this film was about, except for that I knew it was about weed. It had a wild plot and tons of action with lots of random jokes that were pretty funny, none of which I can remember. Save it for a rental. You’ll feel less cheated after the, “What the hell?” realization.


Michelle and I went to go see WALL-E last night. Since the main characters were robots without voices, it was pretty interesting to see how the animators conveyed expressions through the eyes and pitches of the noises made. It was a good movie, and it was interesting to see how Apple’s influence made it into the movie a couple times.

The traditional Pixar short before WALL-E started was incredible. Check it out below.

American Ninja: A Laughable Concept.

I’m sure most of you are aware that the 1980’s was a big time for action movies, especially ones that dealt martial arts. So in order to feed the hunger for martial arts movies, American stars were coming out from everywhere to star in these films. One of the most notable ones that spun off multiple sequels was the American Ninja movie.


Now I know people don’t go to the movies to see realism. They go to the movies to escape reality, to see space adventures, a historic tale of epic proportions, or even a cheesy romance. In order for a movie to be good, even the fictional portions of it have to tie together well and seem believable. Americans running around as ninjas just doesn’t do it.

Ninjas are supposed to execute their art with stealth. Part of being stealthy would mean being aware of one’s surroundings and keeping oneself hidden. As an American ninja, you wouldn’t stand a chance against Asian ninjas. It’s just preposterous.


Take a look here at your American Ninja. His eyes are a dead give away when he is trying to hide in the night. He opens his eyes and you see bright blue spheres. This guy is just screaming for an arrow to the head.


Now take your Asian ninja. His eyes are barely noticeable, almost in the closed position, yet he sees everything. Good luck finding this guy in the woods a night. He sees you, American man, but once you look for him, you’re already dead.


Take a look again at the eyes of our two ninjas. The Asian one clearly has another advantage. The shape of his eyes stretches them further out along the front of his face. He has more field of vision. Try sneaking up on an Asian ninja. It’s not so easy, but our poor American friend is oblivious to the dangers around him.

So while these movies may have entertained millions of people, no one truly believed an American ninja could take on one, let alone an army, of Asian ninjas.

A Hello Kitty Weekend

This Friday was Spencer’s birthday. He thought he was going to a show. Little did he know that when he came upstairs to get the tickets that Vivian forgot, we jumped out and surprised him. We had a sushi party with all the fixings.


The chefs, preparing Japanese delicacies.


Harrison, looking especially creepy. Everyone dressed up in Hello Kitty attire.


Japanese people to judge our pathetic attempts at sushi.


Lo, looking very short bus.







The Hello Kitty cake.


Spencer with all his Hello Kitty gear.


Annie rocks out on Guitar Hero.

The next day Michelle and I were beat, so we took it easy. We went to watch Juno. This was an excellent movie, filled with dark humor. I recommend everyone go see it.

Superbad? Nope. Supergood! Maybe Superdrunk.

This Friday I went to see Superbad. We started out at Ra Sushi, which is located right beneath the theater at the mall. There were good food and drinks for all. We decided that to watch a movie of such high caliber, we would need to do sake bombs beforehand. We did a couple bombs, headed up to the theater, but all the seats were taken. Being the smart people we are, we decided to trade our tickets for the later show and do some more sake bombs. I recommend this movie for anyone that loves a vulgar, raunchy comedy. It definitely wins funniest movie of the summer.