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Movie Overload

Have you ever watched nine movies at the same time? I can now say that I have indeed watched nine movies at the same time. Names the movies…and go!

Sometimes though, all you need is one good movie.

Jackass 3D, anyone?

I heard Dr. Drew almost vomited three separate times during the screening. How is that possible for a doctor that has seen just about everything? I’m a little bit scared to see it. Who wants to see it with me? While I am afraid of losing my lunch during the movie, there’s something about a train wreck such as this that intrigues me.

That is why I also love Japanese game shows. People who are willing to put themselves into harm’s way for entertainment purposes always get a thumbs up from me. Take, for instance this Japanese game show. From what I can gather the stairs are covered in lube and the big bin at the top has hot water in it.

So who wants in? I mean on the movie, not the stairs of lube.

Decluttering Life and Mind

Do you guys have a lot of things? I purposely use the word “things” because it trivializes any value that an object may possess. That’s what I have in my life. Things. We could all make our lives a bit simpler by getting rid of unnecessary clutter, but how do you bring yourself to get rid of things? Take this for instance.

James Bond memorabilia.

It’s limited edition. 26/199! I must keep it!

This was given to me as a gift from a friend, probably the result of him doing some simplifying of his own. It’s kind of cool to own something special. I haven’t brought myself to throw it away or sell it. Any big James Bond fans out there looking for something to collect dust?

What do you hang on to that you don’t need to in your life?

It’s like a dream I had in a dream and forgot in another dream.

We had the chance to go see Inception on Saturday, but Michelle and I passed on it because we had things to put together for our wedding. It’s a good thing we decided to pass on it, because during our arts and crafts time we realized there was no way we could get the job done ourselves. We called in reinforcements and to our surprise a whole crew of elves showed up the next day and took care of the job like a finely tuned Asian sweat shop. Thanks, guys!

For those that did show up, most of them had seen Inception. There were whispers and cryptic talk about what it all meant. Checking Facebook revealed the same thing. Michelle even said there was a side huddle at her work to discuss the movie. We realized we had to see this movie.

Inception is not the kind of movie you can go into and totally shut off your brain. It’s about alternate realities (think Matrix) and while the movie requires some thinking, I think there was too much done to try to make sure the audience kept up with the film. Half an hour of the film could have been cut out, and the story would have flowed just as well. Michelle kept up really well, but in the end the movie wasn’t for her.

Michelle: I don’t like alternate reality movies, except the one where they crawl through the tiny hallways.
Me: Being John Malkovich?
Michelle: Yeah, that one.

So Much This Weekend

A lot happened this weekend. A LOT! I’ll have to break it down into a couple smaller posts as not to overwhelm the Internet with drunken, tasty activity.

Friday night Michelle got free access to the preview of Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. Every Saturday night in July and August they will be showing films outdoors in different parks in LA. They’re playing some great films, but the draw for us as well as other people I’m sure is the food trucks. Different food trucks are going to make appearances at the shows.

India Jones was there, and of course Michelle had to ask them to add some heat to our Butter Chicken Curry.

Buttery and spicy. An artery-clogging, butthole-burning meal. It’s so good.

Fishlips Sushi. This goes against everything I know about sushi. Don’t order it out of the trunk of some guys car, but I guess this is okay since it’s a truck? It was fresh, and Temari style is a great way to serve it. It looks great.

Of course the Grilled Cheese Truck was there. Gruyere is an awesome cheese. It’s like swiss, except they don’t cheat you out of cheese because there are no holes in this one.

Grilled cheese isn’t the same without tomato soup. However, I will tell everyone to pass on the tomato soup (if you can even call it that) from the truck. Have you ever eaten diet frozen dinners with marinara sauce? That is what this tastes like. There is no depth to this watery tomato-flavored bowl of wetness.

People gathered on the lawn. We couldn’t stick around, because we had places to be but it was a nice, quick stop for us since we didn’t know what we wanted for dinner.

This is where we were heading. Crazy 4 Cult. Unfortunately the line was ridiculously long and people were getting more upset than usual for people taking cuts because there were limited prints for sale. I’ll have to check out this week perhaps.

We decided we still needed our fill of culture, so we went to Thinkspace Art Gallery to check out an artist Michelle likes.

Dan-ah Kim does some incredible mixed media pieces. If I had some more money I’d consider buying this piece.

These next sets of pictures are actually from another artist that is exhibiting in the same gallery. I like his stuff. This is part of Yosuke Ueno’s “Negative Never Again” collection.

I love the colors she uses just in the background on her paintings. They make the canvas look like they’re glowing.

This one reminds me of my past.

Guess who was at Thinkspace? No, we didn’t. We’re on wedding diets. Three food trucks is enough for one night, especially since it was only Friday night and more weekend had to be survived.

This is my wedding too!

So things are falling in line for the wedding a piece at a time. One thing we haven’t decided is attire for the groomsmen. I’ve already been shot down for anything Star Wars related. (Seriously, I don’t even know why I’m invited to the wedding.) Since my attire from a galaxy far, far away isn’t going to fly I did the next best thing and started looking for suits and tuxedos by watching Mobsters.

Nothing says wedding like a bunch of well-dressed killers.

Avatar: Like Titanic but with Aliens

I got the chance to watch Avatar this weekend, and I suggest you go see it.

The story has been told before. The whole time I was thinking you could replace the aliens with Native Americans. I think most people would pass that over, because the graphics are so captivating. The landscapes are mesmorizing. I am not sure most people will notice the difference in the 3D technology, but it’s most noticeable in the eyes and faces of the aliens. They don’t looked glossed over like you’re seeing them through a layer of plastic. It’s much easier to get lost in the story when the visuals are so seamless.

Also, humanoid alien sex scene? Yes, please!

Opening Pandora’s Box. Pandora = Tiffany?

I’m off to Vegas later today, where what happens there stays there…unless you need a prescription to get rid of it. We’re doing the bachelor party thing for my buddy, and it should be a blast. I think everything is fair game as long as I don’t get married. How mad would Michelle be after waiting almost six years if I just went and married an escort named Heather Graham?

In order to distract Michelle’s mind from the obvious debauchery I will be participating in, I told her she can go look at rings this weekend. Yup. There must be a million questions racing through your heads right now. Does this mean-? When will you-? Relax, people. It’s going to happen sometime, and I’m finally realizing it’s not a big deal until people say something. There’s good news in all this, but I’ll let Michelle share that sometime. It’s pretty funny…to me anyway. So while she’s looking at shiny things, thinking I’m in Napa Valley, I will be shoulder deep in strippers.

Back to the matter at hand. If you didn’t get the reference to the Heather Graham escort or Napa Valley, you need to see The Hangover, which I am calling this generation’s Porky’s. Watch that film and you’ll know what our weekend will be like, except with a Panda and not a Tiger.

Peace out, suckers!

Finally a Relaxing Weekend

After an action packed, adventurous week in Costa Rica it was nice to spend a weekend doing not much of anything.


Rain in the forecast? Not a chance! Gorgeous weekend.


I saw Up in 3D on Friday night. The 3D was done really well. It wasn’t forced into the movie, and a few minutes into the movie it was hardly noticeable. It seemed very natural.


Saturday I went with Michelle to get her haircut. Her hair turned out great, but because it took three hours I think her hair grew back.

All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ rounded off Saturday. It’s been quite a while since I’ve gorged myself on meats cooked right in front of me. A full belly and smoke scented hair and clothes were the signs of a meal well spent with good friends.

So begins another week.

Must Love Dogs…and Be Retarded


If Marley & Me is not available does Blockbuster really think people are going to pick up just any movie about dogs?