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Good Time for College Sports, Indifferent on Professional

It’s not over yet, but if Major League Baseball heads into a World Series with Colorado and Cleveland, no one is going to care. No one from the west coast is going to root for Colorado, and no one from the east coast is going to root for Cleveland.

In the NBA, the eastern conference has teams coming up as potential powerhouses, and Kobe is still complaining. No one cares.

College football is becoming as exciting as March Madness. There is no telling what team will come out on top. As soon as one team ends up in first place, it signifies their upcoming loss. It’s a roller coaster of excitement. Unfortunately, UCLA is not a part of this excitement. We haven’t been able to improve.

College basketball, on the other hand, is where I am excited for UCLA. Do you remember how we got beaten the past two years by Florida? They were able to dominate the paint, because they never had to guard Mbah a Moute. The prince of Cameroon  had no jump shot. That has changed. This summer, they worked on that, so watch out. Afflalo is gone, but Kevin Love is coming into the mix. Combined with Mata’s ugly mug, The Bruins should do a pretty good job of controlling the boards. With Collison, Shipp, Roll, and Mbah a Moute on the perimeter and with the ability to penetrate, UCLA should have plenty of options this year.