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Happy Halloween!

Our first Halloween pumpkins as a married couple with some friends.

Pumpkin guts.

Iron Man pumpkin turned vampire. Tetris pumpkin? Picasso pumpkin. Big lips pumpkin. Sad pumpkin.

It’s me and Michelle!

The first thing Michelle and I did on Saturday was attend a fundraiser for a school for students with learning disabilities. Michelle dressed up as Hello Kitty.

Afterward our friends dressed up and hit up a karaoke joint.

Singing wouldn’t be complete without the original American Idol judges.

The DC Comics gang and the devil.

Batman and the Gnome, Issue 345 DC Comics.

Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum showed up. He’s a die hard Giants fan. She is a supporting wife that didn’t understand what would be so bad about going to a taco truck at one o’clock in the morning in Giants gear in Doyers town.

I was a civil engineer? Or a Chilean miner? That mask I’m wearing? Look at the previous photo. The mask is in that picture. That’s what the guy in the Brian Wilson costume looks like without the beard. I went as him for Hallowen in 2006, and I still had some extra masks left over.

2006: I’m the one in the back, middle. You can’t even tell it’s a mask.

Hope everyone else had a great day of costumed fun. Now to gorge myself on the candy that everyone else’s kids collected.