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Mar’sel A delicious (secret) local burger

It’s been one year since I moved to the suburbs, and I’m still constantly looking for local food joints that I like. So far, I’ve got a wings place, a soul food spot, a pizza place, and a few breakfast spots. Noodle joints are good, but they still take some time to get to from my house in the boonies.

I thought Terranea would become a regular spot for me to grab food and drinks, but it hasn’t panned out thus far. The food at Nelson’s is terrible. The service at Catalina Kitchen is unbearably slow. For the first time ever, I decided to check out Mar’sel.

Mar’sel offers fine dining for guests and visitors at Terranea. It was apparent when I walked in with jeans and sneakers that I was under dressed.  They’ll still serve you, but you might feel slightly out of place.

This is why we came. I’m always looking for a good burger. This In-N-Out Double Double inspired burger is not on the menu. A limited number are made each day, and you just have to ask for it.

Cutting this burger in half reveals a layer of house made pickles, onions that have been rendered down ever so slowly, two patties of rich ground beef covered in white cheddar, and his own version of the famous Thousand Island sauce that make In-N-Out burgers so delicious.

This burger is delicious. Someone described this as a better In-N-Out burger, but that’s far too simple. The array of flavors that comes bursting forward with each bite is complex. The different cuts of beef that go into making this patty give a much richer and fuller taste. Crisp pickles and sear on the outside meat contrast well with the gooey cheese and soft insides of the patty. A light and airy brioche bun holds the burger together, adding a touch of sweetness to each bite.

On flavor alone, the burger might not taste as good as reheated leftovers, but top it with a fried egg and eat it in your pajamas, and you have an experience that is definitely as good.