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No Control

While at Borders…

Michelle: I thought you might be mad if you found me reading wedding magazines.
Me: <blank stare>
Michelle: So what I’m going to do is read it here next to you so you don’t get surprised.
Me: <blank stare>

overvalue – to assign too high a value to



I stopped into a 7-11 this weekend and saw this. I know there are people buying up these things and holding on to them like they’re worth a million dollars. Does anyone remember the baseball card industry? Topps, Donruss, Fleer, and Bowman? Any of these ring any bells?

It’s highly unlikely that we’re going to see any individuals financially hurt when the Obama market crashes, but seriously. Will people never learn?

Reading Material

The New York Times has recently removed the requirement of a registration to access all of their content. That means anyone and everyone with an Internet connection can get to any articles on their website, including the archives. Someone has done us the favor of rounding up some of the interesting articles. You can really tell that the writing is quite dated in the articles, some containing racist undertones.

While New York Times has released more content to us, I am sad to announce that Business 2.0 will no longer be published. I love this magazine. It focuses on technology in business as well as less traditional aspects of business, such as business skills being used for philanthropy. I’m going to miss this publication, as it is one of the few business magazines I could read without dozing off. It provided me quite a few hours of hideaway time in the company restroom. No one thought I was creepy, taking Business 2.0 into the restroom. Now I’m going to be “that guy” once again, taking my Playboy and Penthouse into the stalls.