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Snow Leopard

While Microsoft is still hurrying to fix their Vista fiasco with Windows 7, you can get Apple released it’s latest OS and kept its flaws hidden. It’s not too expensive either. Grab it here. Get a Family Pack. It’ll save you money.

Change Screen Brightness in Bootcamp

This is a completely uninteresting post, but I hope this will be useful for people trying to figure out how to adjust screen brightness in Bootcamp. It took me far too long to search for this answer, and I ended up having to figure it out myself.

If you dim your screen on OS X and then boot into Windows, you end up with a darkened screen. The F1 and F2 keys that normally adjust brightness do not work in Bootcamp.

What you can do is go to Control Panel > Boot Camp > Brightness. Even if the slider is showing it’s on brightest, slide it all the way down to darker and back up. It should make the screen nice and bright. Hopefully that helps.

Work I Will Do the Remaining Week: 0

To make a long story short, I broke my computer. It’s fixable, but I don’t have the software tools at my disposal right now to do the work. So what am I writing this post on then? I have my MacBook set up so I can boot into Windows for work, but for all my design tasks for work and my personal computer use, I boot back into Mac OS X. So pretty much I am at work without Windows. I’ve been trying frantically to borrow the disc from someone, not because I want to get back to work but because I don’t like not having my computer running in top form. Until I get my disc, I’m kicking my feet up and browsing the web.

Work is hard.