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Lunch at Work

I work with my dad, and sometimes my mom will send a sandwich to the office for me. This morning I had this email.

I sent a sandwich for you with dad. Ask him to save it for you in frig if you’re not in the office today, or he’s liable to give it away – 3 pieces of bacon!!

My mom’s the best.

Pastrami Sammich

This is a pastrami sandwich. That is all.

I’m Starving

I eat microwave meals when I am in the office. It’s the easiest thing for me since I get caught up in work and don’t always get to stop and eat at the same time each day. I buy whatever is on sale, whether it’s “diet” food or the standard fare. Here is one of the meals I bought recently.

Steak Tips Portabello: beef rib tips & portabello mushrooms in a burgundy win sauce with broccoli.

Sounds pretty appetizing, right? 160 calories! What is the point? There’s probably more calories in the cardboard box. I’m having a tough time even filing this post under the category Food.

Now I’m going to have to eat a second meal.

Lunch Bag Art

I Twittered about this a while back, but for those of you with half a million friends I don’t know if you saw it. This guy isĀ  extremely talented and he must care about his kids quite a bit to do this every day. My ability to draw is zero. If I had to do something for my kids (It’s called hypothetical. I don’t have them…not that I know of anyway.) I’d have to use what little talents I do possess.

Crap, I just realized I don’t have any talents that stand out. I honestly just realized that I am mediocre at most of the stuff I do. I suppose I’m decent at taking photos of my friends and Photoshopping them into compromising positions with each other, but that’s hardly acceptable for my kids’ lunches.

What would you do to make every lunch day special for your kids?

Greed is Tasty

I haven’t eaten dinner two nights in a row. The past two days, work took care of our lunches, because we had training and meetings during the lunch hour. Instead of taking it easy, I crammed my gullet with food to the point where I could barely breathe. Why? Because it’s free.

It reminds me of my days in college when I would sign up for credit cards to get free CD cases just because I could. There’s something innate in people that makes them want to get their hands on as much as they can, whether or not they actually need it. It’s a survival instinct to store up, just in case.

If work is buying, I’m eating…a lot.

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days, where I have so much going on that I feel like I have been running at full speed to get things done. Then I look up at the clock and almost no time has passed. I need to pace myself, but there are just some customers that get me riled up too easily. Enhance the calm. I think I’m going to recommend a Japanese rock garden for our warehouse, where I can take quiet lunches and maybe take a nap when no one is looking.