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I am a pig, possibly with mono.

Two words can sum up this past weekend. Eating and sleeping.

Friday night Michelle were looking for some Korean BBQ, but the place we’ve been to a couple of times was closed. We went to a local joint that serves Korean bar food. We were looking for something spicy and this did it. After dinner I was passed out by 10:00PM.

Saturday morning we woke up early to head to the LA Street Food Festival. The place was a mad house.

Wrong. It was a long ass line.

Once inside there were more lines. It reminded me of the lines to use the bathrooms at Coachella. Insanity. The first thing we got to eat was Panang Curry from the Yum Yum Bowls truck, because the line was the shortest. The rest of the time we spent in long lines, feeding each other as we got food from one line or the next.

Qzilla BBQ was probably one of the best deals, $5 for a sampler. They were delicious.

Fries from the Frysmith truck. Kim Chi, Rajas, Chili Cheese, Chicken and Sweet Potato, and a special Foie Gras Mousse.

Fried Chicken from Ludo Bites truck. My cousin Trevor got in this line as soon as he got into the event, and it was the last thing we got to eat. Delicious, but worth three and a half hours of wait? No way.

I’m pretty sure they had no liquor license as beers were done as donation only.

For those of you that couldn’t get into the event, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t worth it. I know the organizers were caught off guard by the popularity of the event since this was the first time, but even with a bigger venue I still wouldn’t recommend attending this. What they need to do is create night markets like they have in Taiwan.

After the food fair we decided to hit up Mr. Churro on Olvera Street for some custard filled churros before heading straight to Chinese New Year dinner. We thought we wouldn’t be able to eat anything, but we did surprisingly well for having eaten all day. We were exhausted from standing in the sun all day so we crashed by 9:00 PM, sleeping until 9:30 AM.

Michelle insists she has mono. I certainly don’t. Who has she been kissing?!

Life Snapshots

Here are a couple shots from my life as of late.


Michelle’s first trip to Philippe’s. Double dip!


Honeycomb’s big!  Yeah yeah yeah! It’s not small! No no no! There was a whole lot more of this in our roof. This was the portion not filled with sticky honey. Hopefully they got rid of all of it so the bees don’t come back.

Los Angeles: Cloud City

The Los Angeles Basin looks strange tonight. I came home and the entire ocean and coastline all the way up to Venture looks like a pot of water with dry ice dropped into it. On land there is one strip of clouds moving inland right where the airport lies, just low enough to catch the glow from the city below.



Things I Learned This Week

I can’t get an iPhone. I borrowed an iPhone just to use Twitter in a place where I had no reception. I had to go to three screens just to type my password because of the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Asking, “Do you still want to get married some day?” and getting a yes response does not constitute an easy, no-ring marriage proposal.

Every time Los Angeles wins a sports championship, there will be riots. We do not have the fortune to shuttle our minorities out of the city via bridge like San Francisco or by tunnel like New  York.

We Need a Football Team


It’s time we get rid of Raider Nation. Although it’s a pretty good platform to run on for mayor. “I’m going to bring the Raiders back to Los Angeles!”

Instant victory.

Last Supper.


If you follow Michelle on Twitter, you know her wisdom teeth have come out. As a last supper we decided to head to Furaibo on Sawtelle before her dental ordeal. For any of you that are familiar with this portion of West LA, it’s like a clean version of Japan Town. It’s a pretty happening place, popular among UCLA students.

As soon as our friends showed up they realized how starry eyed Michelle was looking. They asked her if it was her first time on Sawtelle, and when they found out it was, they began berating me for not taking her places. Honestly I never thought to bring her out there because it’s nothing too spectacular, just my old college stomping grounds. It’s the same for them too, all having gone to UCLA.







The whole spread, washed down with a couple pitchers of beer.

After dinner everyone continued to make me look bad saying, “What do you want to do next? This is your night in LA. We can get dessert at Beard Papa’s, then we can go Diddy Riese, and finish it up at La Monica’s for late night pizza!” At this point I just gave up. “You can all be Michelle’s boyfriend since you’re so much better at than I am.” They obliged, we got our cream puffs for dessert, and decided to do some crooning at Max Karaoke.


You can’t karaoke without beer the size of your head.






They all fall down.

Fancy Pants

Throughout college I have been to a lot of places in the Los Angeles area simply because I went to UCLA. Some places were just cool hangouts back in the day and others were nice places I’ve tried. Michelle has been telling me that I never take her anywhere. There’s a reason.

Michelle: Whew, that burrito was awesome. *BURP*
Me: That is why we don’t go anywhere nice.


Michelle: I’m so full. I need to unbutton the top button of my pants.
Me: That is why we don’t go anywhere nice.

And just this weekend while perusing the overpriced drink menu at Copa d’Oro…

Michelle (noticing I’m looking at her while she’s talking out loud): This place is too fanc- I mean just my style.

Here Comes the Rain

Going to the gym for the first time in closer to a year with a friend, who has lots of time to hit the gym regularly, is a very bad idea. This was Thursday. I am still unable to straighten out either of my arms without a whole lot of pain. All weekend I have been asking people to stretch my arms out for me while grimacing in pain.

This weekend was pretty low key, spent trying to keep from moving my arms too much and trying to stay warm. The cold weather is ushering in a storm that is supposed to last the entire week and carry into the next week. Although the weather may be cold, the views are absolutely perfect.


The water is blue and the coastline is visible wall the way up to Ventura.


Downtown Los Angeles. Like any other downtown, just crappier


Normally this is covered by a layer of smog that makes it almost impossible to see.


People were taking advantage of the winds and sailing. If you look closely you can even see a plane taking off from LAX.

Hopefully things clear up for Christmas, but as long as we’re hoping for things, hopefully we get some snow here in Los Angeles for Christmas.

Los Calcetines Rojos Son El Diablo

Well, the baseball season is over for the Angels. I am a little bit sad and somewhat caught in a state of disbelief. The Angels were the team to beat coming into the playoffs, but they just couldn’t get things together. The Red Sox must have made a deal with the devil. How else do you beat a team of heavenly beings?

What is even more surprising than the Angels early departure from the playoffs is the tear the Dodgers are on right now. I know Manny is a talented player, but I had no idea he would bring such dynamics to the rest of the team. The team is hitting like crazy right now. How great would it be to see Manny face his old teammates in the World Series?

Then I could cheer on the Dodgers and claim I’m more of a Dodgers fan anyway, just like all the rest of the “fans” in Los Angeles. Yeah, right. My heart is with the Angels. Go Halos! We’ll be back next year.

Talk About Keepin’ It Real

I stumbled across a website that “keeps it real.” How much more street cred can you get than if you write about graffiti, tacos, and other cheap eats? This site is legit. It’s got my attention.