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Neptune Oyster

Remember when we planned our Freedom Trail tour around an eating spot? Most of my idea seem good up front, but then they tend to unravel as the lack of planning becomes apparently. Not this one. It was absolutely a brilliant plan, even in hindsight.

We found it. A little store front on a small street houses one of the best known seafood joints in the city.

Peering through the window. Oh, this is going to be good.

The raw bar menu on display on the mirror.

These little things are like oyster crackers. They’re hard in texture, probably great for clam chowder.

A great selection of beers.

Ordering from the raw bar.

Some oysters and clams from various local waterways.

A lobster roll. This is freaking incredible. The meat is in huge chunks, not shredded little bits mixed with imitation crab like you might find on the west coast.

I feel like I could spend a week in Boston just trying the different lobster rolls and clam chowder. Next time I may just do that.

Another Weekend Gone

Although my wallet hasn’t stopped bleeding money, I continue to go out to eat and drink with friends. The verdict? Totally worth it.


This was part of a year end work dinner we had for our employees. It was a way to celebrate even though it’s been a tough year, and also spread some culture to the employees. There was actually a request to remove the heads from the chicken plates so the employees wouldn’t be grossed out, but Chinese restaurants never listen. When they say you get a whole chicken, you get a whole chicken.


Sunday was the Lobster Festival in Redondo Beach, complete with a wake boarding competition in the lagoon.


Darn. That lobster makes the ring look tiny. We’re eating shrimp from here on out.

They even had some live entertainment in the form of the Fab Four. Did I just find a wedding band?