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Increase Productivy in Windows

As I type this from my work laptop, I realize that a lot of us would love to use our Macs 100% of the time, but unfortunately the sad truth is that Microsoft has a pretty good hold of the corporate market. So while you’re stuck on your Windows machines for work, you can make the best of it with a few applications I’ve come across.

Every time you take your hands off the keyboard to use your mouse or track pad, you are losing efficiency. Keeping your hands in one spot allows you to be more productive, whether it’s actual work you’re doing or chatting. I’ve talked about one keyboard launcher before, but here is another one. Qliner hotkeys is an application launcher, but it goes a step further than most other application launchers. Rather than being text-based, it has a very simple visual interface so you can keep track of your shortcut key binds.

If you are absolutely married to your mouse as an input device, there are some good mouse-based application launchers. We all know the Start Menu is absolutely worthless when you have a lot of applications installed. You have to look at a long list, which takes a long time, even when filed alphabetically. The Quick Launch toolbar built into Windows is also useless if you need to launch anything with a generic icon. Just try and figure out which document template you are trying to launch out of the half dozen you might use daily. You have to hover over the icon and wait for the name to appear. Stop wasting your time. Take a look at STabLauncher.

The last thing I want to share with you is not for work productivity. It’s for the productivity of your sanity. It’s an old game I used to play. Have yourself a break with Desktop Tower Defense.