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My birthday was better than your 8-year-old son’s birthday.

Michelle threw a surprise birthday party for my 30th birthday. I use the term “surprise” loosely. We are good at the communication thing, so we know what the other is up to most of the time. I knew something was going down. I just kept my nose out of her business the best I could, because I knew she wanted to do something special. The day of the birthday I knew Michelle needed time to prep things in the apartment, so I told her I’d go out for some drinks for a couple of hours.

Two hours is a long time, and a lot of whiskey can be consumed in that time. I walked back to my apartment with a note on the door that read, “Sit down and play the DVD.” My first thought was, “She got me porn for my birthday!” Nope. What I got was way cooler! In my intoxicated excitement I do drop the F-bomb at least once in the video, so play at your own risk.

Yes, Michelle got my friends to dress up in masks and parade around my living room with light sabers! That’s just the start. It kept getting better and better!

Why is that Clone Trooper giving the Star Trek “live long and prosper” sign?

Everything was Star Wars, right down to the plates.

After eating some food and having some beers, we walked over to Backstage to do some drinking and karaoke, but there were more surprises in store for me there.

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! ¬†You’re my only hope.” Yes, this is my birthday cake! Be jealous little kids!

Let me show you again. This is my birthday cake. R2-D2! Red Velvet R2-D2.

I wish I had more photos from my birthday, but six Jameson on the rocks before dinner and the party begins will make you forget to take your camera and other details throughout the night. I am waiting for some more photos to come from friends that had cameras during the night. I’m still debating whether to post my karaoke video, because I drank A LOT. I scream the F-Bomb at the beginning of the song, and then it goes downhill from there.

Michelle really outdid herself this time. I definitely don’t feel old after having a birthday party like this. I love it! You can bet she’s going to get the best Avatar surprise birthday party next time around.