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Behind on Documenting Meals

I’ve been quite busy with work, so much so that the blog hasn’t gotten much attention. It’s amazing how much real work you can get done when you’re not running around in circles on the Internet.

Although its only been one full week since we started our “no white flour” diet, it seems like forever. This dinner excursion to Sazon Latin Fusion was so long ago that I don’t know if I remember what we ate that night. I’ll post the images and describe them as best I can.

Chips and guacamole. They give you more chips, but they put two in the guacamole to be decorative. Remember, it’s fusion.

Empanadas. We tried four out of the five types. These were delicious.


Pollo Saltado. I’m used to seeing this dish with bite-size pieces of chicken off the bone. I had a bite of the chicken and remember this one being really juicy.

Saz√≥n Chicken. It’s stuffed with plantain paste and covered in mole sauce. The flavor on this was good, but it was a bit dry unless you got a bite with the sauce and plantain paste. That’s the way it’s supposed to be eaten, but the meat could have been done better.

This was Michelle’s dish. I believe this was the Machaca Plate, ordered because it was spicy. It looks the least appetizing, but it was really good. The sauce had a real nice, fresh heat to it.

Flan. The girls will tell you that this is excellent here. They would go back just for this.

Bread pudding. It’s good, but in the end it’s still just bread pudding.

Natilla. This is normally done with a consistency like dulce de leche, but here they thicken it up so it has more of a cheesecake texture. I really enjoyed this for the texture.

I would come back here, because I think this place has some good dishes. None of the main dishes we ordered were mind blowing, but the empanadas and desserts were excellent. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt to return to find a dish that I really enjoy.