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Still alive and kicking, Vegas style!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with work, including a business trip to Vegas where I completely refrained from gambling. I did not, however, refrain from gorging myself. We had a dinner meeting at the buffet at M Hotel, a lone hotel about ten miles south of the strip.

They have these huge television screens that show Food Network.

First plate: prime rib, chile verde pork, various seafood, sausage and sauerkraut, and sushi. Sushi is the only disappointing thing on the plate, but that’s to be expected.

Second plate (carbs): spaghetti and (giant) meatball, roasted vegetables, paella, mashed potatoes, and mac n’ cheese. The meatball was delicious, made from the finest, fattiest ground beef I’m sure.

Plate three: oxtail and short ribs. Nothing special here but still good.

I’m not much of a dessert person, but I was away from home, so I decided to try some things.

Plate four: chocolate souffle, fruit and custard tart, cookies and cream, and creme brulee.

This isn’t going to be the best food you’ve tasted, but it’s pretty darn good for a buffet. It’s only twenty five bucks, and it comes with free beer and wine. Beer is limited to Pabst Blue Ribbon or their house brew. Their wine is house wine as well, but it’s included with the price of a meal so why not?

This was my breakfast the next morning. I had no problem skipping lunch for the week.

Opening Pandora’s Box. Pandora = Tiffany?

I’m off to Vegas later today, where what happens there stays there…unless you need a prescription to get rid of it. We’re doing the bachelor party thing for my buddy, and it should be a blast. I think everything is fair game as long as I don’t get married. How mad would Michelle be after waiting almost six years if I just went and married an escort named Heather Graham?

In order to distract Michelle’s mind from the obvious debauchery I will be participating in, I told her she can go look at rings this weekend. Yup. There must be a million questions racing through your heads right now. Does this mean-? When will you-? Relax, people. It’s going to happen sometime, and I’m finally realizing it’s not a big deal until people say something. There’s good news in all this, but I’ll let Michelle share that sometime. It’s pretty funny…to me anyway. So while she’s looking at shiny things, thinking I’m in Napa Valley, I will be shoulder deep in strippers.

Back to the matter at hand. If you didn’t get the reference to the Heather Graham escort or Napa Valley, you need to see The Hangover, which I am calling this generation’s Porky’s. Watch that film and you’ll know what our weekend will be like, except with a Panda and not a Tiger.

Peace out, suckers!

2006: Stuff Happened

I had no idea how to categorize the things that happened in 2006. It was a lot of travels, a lot of fun with friends, and the beginning of a lot of fish.


I got my new MacBook. I remember having my friend watch me on iSight on my old PowerBook as I unwrapped it. Yup, nerd.


Michelle and I took a trip to Hawaii, our first trip together.


We had too much beer and sake, so we went to Home Depot. I have a lot more pictures of us running around the place.


Oh the joys of Las Vegas. Scotch and cigars.


I took a trip to Europe. I took Michelle. This is our second trip together.


I won goldfish at the state fair. This started an obsession with keeping fish.


This was my first fish tank I started with, a small 10 gallon unit.


For Halloween I went as my friend Spencer. That’s me in the back center. I made extra masks so everyone could participate.

Only a couple years left until we’re current. Stay tuned!

Viva Las Vegas

It’s good to be back home. Las Vegas is a city that never stops, and it has taken its toll on me. Despite the trip being just Michelle and me, we got quite a few pictures taken.


This was lunch on Friday at Dick’s Last Resort in Excalibur. They play Grease on a loop, talk rude to you, and make these awesome hats. I didn’t get one, but I’m sure if I did it would have been some snide comment questioning my manhood. If anyone stops in here, be sure to try the Pork Bonerz.


We got hooked up with free tickets to Def Comedy Jam. We were afraid we weren’t ‘hood enough to understand the jokes, but it turned out great. The comedians were hilarious.


Planet Hollywood had its grand opening, and DMC showed up. His posse looked like they weren’t happy with me taking pictures, but I told them I saw Def Comedy Jam earlier that night and said, “We cool, G?”


This is second reception we walked right into at Planet Hollywood. The first was for John Stewart’s show. This was for Bruce Willis’ band. Perhaps we looked important, but no one questioned use without all access badges.


Baby shrimp inside a baby pineapple. Those Hollywood types know how to live. Combined with two free bottles of water and six free drinks, we did pretty well during the night.


We weren’t so fortunate in other places. They had barriers just for me.


Michelle shows why she loves Las Vegas.


Michelle shows her excitement for buffets.


The walkway into the theater.


The fifth and sixth Beatles.


The Love Theatre.


Love, Love, Love! Greatest show I’ve ever seen.


Bellagio never ceases to amaze with their decorative displays.


Still sleeping with no idea that I’ve lost our cab fare money. We’re walking to the airport.