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Honeymoon Scenery

Our last leg of the trip was to the northwest of Argentina, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. This area is much less visited than Iguazu or Patagonia, but we were convinced to come here by a friend of Michelle’s, who spent a fair amount of time in Argentina.

In the southern region of Salta is Cafayate, an area where the continental shelves pushed the land upward to make some pretty crazy rock formations. I’m a total nerd for this kind of stuff.

The land is like a geologists dream.

The obelisk

North of Salta is Purmamarca, located in the Jujuy province. Here you can see the mountains that look like they’re painted with multiple colors of chalk.

Farther north of Purmamarca is the climb to get to the salt flats. Getting stuck behind a truck here is like getting stuck behind a truck on the I-5 but thirty times worse. There’s no way you’re passing.

At the top there are Pecunias. They have the softest fur, but they’re protected from hunting. Their only natural predator is the cougar, but no one seems to have ever seen one in their life. They should come to Orange County. Heyo!

The building is made of salt bricks! I bet there are no snail problems here.

To harvest salt they either scrape the ground or dig these pools and wait for the salt to crystalize.

Our guide was taking pictures while we were shooting jumping pictures.

Look! I’m flying!

We took a morning hike in Purmamarca. The whole town was very quiet.

It’s so beautiful that I want to cry.

The northwest area of Argentina is gorgeous, but it’s very spread out. Cafayate is a two and a half hour drive south of Salta, and Purmamarca is the same time north. If you have time, it’s definitely worth a visit, but it is a lot of travel time.