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It’s all Greek to me.

I got the opportunity to see my friend Tyson perform in California Dreamin’ as Charles Manson, but before making myself afraid of him for the rest of my life, we had to eat. I met up with some friends from Downtown LA at Papa Cristo’s.

Hard to miss this spot. I’m sure you’ve seen it.


The first thing you notice when you enter is the market and bakery attached to the restaurant. You can get every type of Greek food or ingredient here.

The restaurant is decorated with all sorts of items glorifying and displaying the beauty of Greece.

A man playing a bouzouki sits in the dining area and entertains guests.

Octopodakia – grilled baby octopus. Absolutely loved this!

Slouvaki – marinated lamb skewer.

Gyro – lamb beef blend with spices.

Gyro – lamb beef blend with spices. For whatever reason, when the meat is ordered as a plate and not a sandwich, the meat is so much more tender. We all ended up picking off of this plate.

Late that night when I was asked what I ate for dinner I said, “Greek food.” Immediately my friend responded, “Papa Cristo’s?” When asked whether she had been before my friend responded that she hadn’t. This place seems be well known based off of it’s appearance alone. The signature blue and white signage stands out to all that pass by this place. I would suggest stopping in next time instead of just driving. It’s a great meal with no fuss.