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Future of the Lakers

I’ve kept quiet about the Lakers throughout this season and even the playoffs. A calm confidence in the Lakers is what I’ve had this season. They’re the best team in the league, but their future after this season is a big question mark.

There are a couple key guys that set to be free agents this year. Both Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza are going to want to renegotiate their contracts, and they both deserve more. The question is, do the Lakers have more to give?

If they had to keep their current lineup and decide between Odom and Ariza, I would go with Ariza. I really like both players, but I’m just going based on age and who is behind them on the bench. While Lamar is exceptional as a big man in his ability to shoot outside, drive inside, and bring the ball up the court, you’ve got Mbenga and Powell behind him. While they don’t compare to Lamar, they do a good enough job on the defensive end by just being big.

Would I like to keep both of these guys? Hell yeah! Here is my proposal for doing that.

Get rid of Sasha.  The dude is whiney, and his defensive expert signature move is to foul on the outside when the guy isn’t even close to shooting. Someone wants his shooting ability, which has gone dormant this off season. It’s just hibernating, waiting for next season.

Drop Walton. I know a lot of people now want my head, because I’m saying this. The guy is super likeable, and he does bring a level of calm to the second string, but it bothers me so much that he looks to pass before he shoots even when he’s open. He will have an open look and dump the ball off to Pau, who assumes he is going to shoot the open shot. Crazy, huh? By bringing this leadership to a team and by sheer virtue of being a Walton, someone will want him.

I have some other ideas I think the Lakers should implement, but I’ll save that for another time. For now I’m going to clear some space in my garage. I need room for all the stuff I’m going to loot during the 2009 Lakers Victory Riot.

Now Enrolling

All levels of skill are welcome. Paul Pierce’s School of Acting and Performing Arts is now open for registration. At the end of the course, your performances are guaranteed to inspire arenas full of people. F you, Massholes! We’ll be back with a vengeance!